I love you for what you are! Part-4

“Oh wow! So I hope I don’t need to buy sarees anymore,” she said.

“In the same way, I don’t need to buy any apartment now,” I said as we both laughed together.

In a short while, we came out of Costa, moving to food court. She chose Indijoe for dinner. Soon the waiter came, serving us the glasses of water and handing the Menu to her.

She ordered the food

Finally, after when we finished the food, I called the waiter to pay him the bill. She held my hand in order to stop me from paying. I insisted on paying but she didn’t let me pay. Soon we came out of Indijoe and were ready to exit the mall.

“Oh My God! It’s 11:25. I have missed the last metro,” she said as she saw the time.

Even I didn’t realize we had spent more than two hours together.

“Don’t worry. We see some auto rickshaw,” I said.

As we came out, we saw it had rained. And surprisingly there was not a single auto rickshaw there. Somebody told us that it was auto and taxi strike today.

“Now what to do?” she seemed worried.

“Don’t worry. I have my bike to solve the problem.”


I was supposed to drop her at Uttam Nagar. It would have been difficult for me to drop her at her place and then come back to Dwarka. Given, it could rain heavily anytime.

After some twenty minutes, the rain started again. Soon it turned into heavy fall. Riding the bike against the rain became difficult. I tried to continue riding by slowing the speed but then the water was hitting my eyes and I was not able to ride. I stopped the bike under a tree, waited for rain to stop. In this span of time, the rain didn’t stop. It became heavier instead.

“What to do now? It’s not safe to keep standing here either,” she said.

“We have no option,” I said. Even though we had one option: to stay at my flat for tonight. We had already entered Dwarika and my flat was just 100 meters away But it was our first meeting and I didn’t know how she would take it.

After waiting for a few more minutes, when I assumed there was no chance for rain to stop; I finally asked, “If you don’t mind, we can stay at my flat tonight.”

She stayed quiet after what I asked. I thought I should not have asked this.

“You can trust me,” I said, more so I wanted to see her reaction after this whether she was taking it normally and not finding my wrong.

“Of course I trust you. There is really no other option to take,” she said, “And don’t worry I didn’t take it otherwise.”

“Hmm,” I said.

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