I love you for what you are! Part-3

“Hmm…see you,” she hung up the call.

I started riding my bike at the speed of 110 km/hr to reach there.

In the way, I thought of how meeting her could become possible too easily. I remembered the time when I first saw her. Could I ever assume I was going to have dinner with her in next 48 hours?

As I reached there, she was standing at the entrance.

“Thank you so much Abhishek. You saved me yesterday,” she said.

“You already thanked me on phone. Don’t do it again.”

“No No. You helped me in an emergency. I’ve to thank you again and again,” she said.

“Then do one thing,” I said taking out my mobile, “I am switching on the voice recorder. You say thanks once, I’ll listen it daily on your behalf. ”

“Wow! That’s a great idea,” she said smiling.

We started walking in the mall.

“Coffee?” she offered as we reached near Costa Cafe on the third floor.

“Sure,” I said as we entered.

We occupied a place, sitting opposite each other. While drinking coffee, I thought of how to behave with her. I mean should I have been too gentle to her as we met for the first time or should I have been too friendly to her so that there could remain a scope of us meeting again. She had definitely charmed me in this short while. Moreover, to be practical, she could have become my prospect lover.

“Haan ji,” she frowned as I was thinking all this.

“Nothing,” I said drinking a sip of coffee.

“So Abhishek, I suppose we have become friends, right?”

“I too suppose,” I said smiling.

“Good. Otherwise I didn’t have any plan to officially propose you,” she grinned. I too joined her.

“But I don’t know anything about my new friend. Tell me something about you,” I said.

She told me that she belonged to Punjab. Her father was into the construction business, he sold apartments. She had been living in Delhi for four years. After pursuing MBA from MDI, Gurgaon, she had been working with ICICI Bank as Investment Banker. She also told me that she was type-1 diabetic patient (diabetic by birth) and therefore she had to take insulin on daily basis.

“Wow! You are from MDI,” I said as she finished telling about herself.

“Not a big deal. You too tell me about yourself,” she demanded.

I told her that I belonged to Surat, Gujrat. Completing my education until 12th, I came to Delhi for pursuing B.Com from The Hindu College. Then I did MBA from IP University and as she knew, I was working with Biocon Ltd as Marketing Executive. I also told her that my father was a businessperson of Sarees.

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