I cried and we were through-2

I can’t stay away from her anymore. I have dialed her no now and the same time, that very moment flashed in front of me when I found out that she was having affair with someone else also the very same time. I enquired her and she told it was nothing. But I could sense she was hiding something.

I talked to her friends and I found out that she was indeed having an affair and it was 4-5 years old. She just said yes to me because I was handsome and more intelligent than her BF. She just couldn’t see my heart. I can’t explain what I felt that time but I know the world seemed nothing to me at that moment. Everything looked sad. I could find sadness even in the happiest moment. The legendary comic act of Paresh Rawal in ‘Hera Pheri” also could not make me laugh. I literally wanted to kill her BF.

I told her not to meet and call me anymore. She tried but I rejected. I don’t understand after breaking the heart why girls try to repair it. They just don’t understand nothing can undo that pain. I prayed to GOD that please take away my ability to feel, get emotional. But he didn’t and I can understand, why should he? I made the mistake. I felt for the wrong girl. After that we haven’t met till now. But not a day has passed, I didn’t remember her. She still comes to my dream. She still comes to make me happy and sad both at the same time.

This thought made me touch the button “END CALL’.

Oh my first love, why you did that to me? I went to my bed, took my best friend to my heart (my pillow) and cried and we were through for that day.