I cried and we were through-1

Month of December, temperature around 10, standing in my balcony, I see a couple passing by. They are holding each other’s hand saying something to each other; perhaps some joke and laughing. I can see that the world around them means nothing now. It seems to them that they are the only two people in this world. They don’t need anyone else. Maybe thinking not saying aloud but just thinking—me and you and no one else.

That very moment, I realize how much I miss her. I find my cellphone, select her no and am about to dial. Just then a thought comes to mind should I call her? We have not talked to each other for around 3-4 yrs. What she would be doing right now? Maybe she would have got a new bf? Not maybe she must have…oh and that face comes in front of me…so beautiful. Anyone can fall for her. That innocent face! I know what I felt and never wanted to come out of that feeling. Then flashed the moment when we were also the same as the couple, who just went by. Nothing can be as pleasing as those 2 years of our romance. Everything seemed pleasant, everything seemed possible. If I faced any issue she would just squeeze my hand say “Everything is going to be OK”. Before that moment I didn’t know that that line could have the ultimate effect. I still hear those words from my friends but not able to find that kind of confidence and assurance. I now understand the importance of lips from where that line came from. With her, I understood the real meaning of jealousy and fear. Any other guy comes even just to talk to her, I feel jealous and afraid the same time. Jealous because I wanted her to only talk to me, see me, love me; (only me) and afraid of someone stealing her from me. I felt proud in making her smile (Girls laugh even at the stupidest joke but still). I would have done anything that time to just make her smile. She seemed unhappy or sad and whole world seemed unhappy. Everyone seemed to me the culprit who made her sad. But that’s my ability, I always made her laugh and it was the best achievement of my life. I could do anything for her, could fight any one. Oh I was so mad in love.