While thinking of your dream college, the first thought that might come to your mind is the availability of an integrated curriculum, experiential learning opportunity, global opportunities, and the scope of interdisciplinary research. Keeping these criteria in mind, every MBA aspirant must explore Vijay Patel School of Management (VPSM). VPSM is a flourishing university that focuses on providing a holistic growth prospect for every student. Moreover, as the college encourages students from different backgrounds to enrol in the courses, the students can study in a diverse environment while getting a heterogeneous set of interactions.



The university spreads across 68 acres in Navi Mumbai, providing the students with an enriching campus and tropical weather. It is a NAAC Accredited University which is also recognised by UGC. The classrooms have been designed for the optimal learning experience as VPSM has opted for the State of Art classroom. This provides the students with both comfort and motivation to strive for success. The university also provides an exceptional amount of physical and online resources that help the students with their research and collaborative work.



Additionally, the college is endowed with stellar faculty who have received their doctorate degree from the country’s top business schools. As a result, the teaching pedagogy is innovative as well as interactive, which gives a safe space for the students to share their ideas and hone their skills. This homely environment is amplified by their initiative to introduce guest lectures by prominent experts from different industries. What’s even better is the presence of working managers as faculty because they can help the students with their real-life experience and share their stories to give the students a peek into the corporate world.


Harvard Business School Online

Even though the university gives plenty of reasons to be considered while you are deciding on your MBA college, one factor that surpasses all others are its collaboration with Harvard Business School Online. VPSM, being involved in an online collaboration with Harvard Business School Online, is in a position to give the students a chance to experience the cutting-edge curriculum and creative teaching method that uses practical examples and case studies.


There are over ten courses to choose from when it comes to the Harvard Business school Online courses, which includes courses that focus on fundamentals of management, negotiation strategies, Business Analytics, leadership and many more. As the faculty of Harvard Business School teaches these courses, the students get a more global perspective of learning, leading to an immersive international experience.


Programmes Offered:

The Vijay Patil School of Management is a business centred school and thus teaches only three courses-

  • Bachelor of Science in Economics- The program focuses on the dual approach- qualitative and quantitative. On the one hand, it teaches Economic theory, and on the other hand, it gives excellent value to statistical analysis. The best part about this program is the flexibility of the courses and electives that the students opt. The entire program consists of 148 credits spreading across three years.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration– This course is specifically directed towards management. It is a three-year course divided into six semesters. The differentiating factor of this course is its personalised learning opportunity along with its six-month project facility, both of which give an amount of intellectual freedom to the students that helps in their overall growth and development.
  • Masters of Business Administration- This course is the most promising course on the campus with its highly dynamic teaching style and mixed infrastructure. It provides students a chance to experience education both inside and outside the class. In addition, there are Learning Resource Centre specially made for MBA students to give them a unique learning environment. The course provides an overall knowledge of management before diving into the specifics. For this reason, in the first year, the main focus of the course is to create a strong base for the students with concepts like HR, Marketing, and Analytics. With a strong focus on leadership, the students can take up roles of responsibility that can help them curate a better CV and outperform others while climbing the corporate ladder. Furthermore, the university also concentrates on the entrepreneurial growth of the students, making them ready to start their venture by taking up courses from the Harvard Business School.


Overall, we can understand that VPSM is one of the Business Schools that is concerned with the rounded development of the students- starting from upgrading their skills to match the corporate level, to sharpening their analytical and logical skills to be prepared for practical problems, VPSM emphasize on a student centric education. Therefore, VPSM is a B-school that will elevate your personality and help you achieve your goals without compromising on the quality of education.

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