SNAP, as we all know it, is being scheduled on 16th of December this year. The paper pattern of this exam has been modified this year by the respected authorities, which is Symbiosis International. It is quite interesting to see that the pattern of this paper has been made similar to those of CAT exam. The scoring pattern has also been modified. This year, a section of special questions has been added. This section requires the students to type on a virtual keyboard in order to crack them.

Here is the basic information about the paper pattern of SNAP 2018 that might help the students to prepare well:

  1. The question paper which used to be of 150 questions in total has now been reduced to 130. There will only be 130 questions in total from now on.
  2. The sectional composition of the question paper has also been changed.

There will be four sections in total:

  1. General English: including 30 normal questions and 5 special questions
  2. Quantitative, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency: including 30 normal questions and 5 special questions
  3. Analytical and Logical Reasoning: including 30 normal questions and 5 special questions
  4. Current affairs: including 20 normal questions and 5 special questions

Total number of questions: 110 normal questions + 20 special questions

  1. The normal questions will be of Multiple-Choice Question type, whereas the special questions can be one word, one sentence or a few sentences. The students will need to mark the correct option for the normal questions while typing in the right answer in the given space for the special questions.
  2. The marking or scoring pattern of SNAP exam in 2018 has also been modified. However, the maximum marks of the exam remain the same as earlier, which are 150.
  3. For the normal questions, +1 mark will be allotted for each correct answer, whereas a negative marking of -0.25 will be made for each wrong answer.
  4. For the special questions, +2 marks will be allotted for each correct answer, whereas, a negative marking of -0.50 will be made for each wrong answer.
  5. It is being reported that the number of exam centers for SNAP 2018 has also been reduced from 102 previously to 92 this year.

Some tips and tricks for preparation that will come in handy:

  • Attempts, Accuracy:

The students should keep in mind that the questions that weigh more marks also have high deduction marks if they go wrong. Hence, you should be very careful while attending thee questions. The difficulty is increased because the competition level has also increased, even two wrong answers can make a huge difference. So, you should only attend the question if you are very confident about it.

  • Time Management:

Since there are total 110 MCQs and 20 special questions, time should be managed accordingly. It is expected that typing in the word will take more time than MCQ questions. Students should manage time right from the beginning so as to make sure no questions are left out. It is also suggested to do the Special questions in the last.

  • No Guessing:

Students should be careful them guessing answers on this paper can be risky and could cost you big time. Every wrong answer will cost negative marks, especially the special questions. So you should be careful only to attend the questions that you are sure you know the right answer to.

  • Special Questions:

The special questions for each section can vary. They could be one word, one sentence or even a few sentences. They could be of the following type:

  • VARC — Summary, Para jumbles or Odd One Out
  • DI&LR — Arrangements, Venn Diagrams, Tables
  • QA — Arithmetic, Numbers, Algebra

  • Strategy:

In order to attempt the paper faster and better, you should create a strategy that works the best for you. To prepare, take mock tests, practice sample papers, challenge yourself with different time limits, manage time according to your own weakest and strongest points.

You should also study:

  • current affairs
  • basic general knowledge, about geography and history
  • basic mathematical formula, tables, squares, cubes, their roots, algebra
  • analytical and logical reasoning
  • grammar and composition
  • quantitative aptitudes

To know more about SNAP, please click on the link Symbiosis National Aptitude Test.

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