How to survive in a B-school and make the most of it.

Ok…so, you have finally made it to your desired Business school, and you are already on cloud nine, picturing yourself two years hence, making your way to the prized ‘corner office’ with a view. However, is ‘getting in’ the only ‘rite of passage’ and prerequisite for scaling the corporate ladder of success? In today’s dynamic world embroiled in macro economic volatility, it takes more than mere ‘book smarts’ to succeed in Business. During your time at the Institute, here’s a handy ‘Bucket List’ of skills you can expect to hone in your two years here, so you can not only make time spent worthwhile, but also equip yourself appropriately to thrive in the fast paced corporate world.

Interpersonal Skills: A B-school is the perfect time for you to work on your ‘relationship building’ and ‘networking’ skills. At a b-school, Academia-Industry interface through Industrial lectures, seminars, workshops is a regular feature and gives students the opportunity to interact with leading practitioners from the Industry

Leadership skills and Ability to collaborate with diverse teams: At a b-school, the case study based approach requires the students to work in diverse groups and be a part of the exciting learning environment. By taking initiative to lead the group, aligning team goals, gaining team consensus and collaborating effectively with various team members during the group projects, students can enhance their leadership skills.

Business Acumen and Communications Skills: Students get an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of their chosen area of specialization, by being a part of the management discipline centric societies of the Institute, namely: Finatics, the finance society, Marketing society, HR society as well as the IT and Operations society. By being an integral part of these societies, students hold various leadership positions and organize various events such as Business quizzes, Debates, Business plan competitions, amongst many others. These societies also act as the nodal points of information for updates and participation in activities and competitions being held in other B-schools. The multitude of opportunities available through these societies enables the students to sharpen their business acumen and communication skills.

The most important thing to remember is that there is virtually no end to the amount of learning and key takeaways one can imbibe during your time at the Institute. Whether it is discovering your hidden passion for research, developing your critical thinking and decision making skills or thoroughly enjoying yourself during the various cultural events.

By: Sneha Ganneri (Faculty of Finance)