What is your Problem?

This question was directed at me today. Here is my attempt to address all queries. Get everything out in the open.

Why do I keep reporting posts?

The report option has been given for a reason. PaGaLGuY was a heavily moderated and curated , small community. There were plenty of active moderators. Rules were enforced strictly, yet people managed to have a gala time within those restrictions.

Over time, the number of active Moderators has waned, and rules have been laxed a bit. But the basic modus operandi is the same. And you got to respect the rules.

I love PaGaLGuY like my home. And I take initiative to keep my home clean. That is what my problem is. I have not received any warnings so far, hence I assume I am not doing anything wrong.

Do you have a personal vendetta?

I am a pretty straightforward person. I don’t twist my words, nor do I shy away from fights. But I do not report anyone for revenge. That would be ‘frivolous reporting’ which is against the rules. People have been banned for doing it.

I do not have a grudge against anyone. I am just trying to maintain the sanctity.

If I have sounded a bit confrontational, I apologise. I am a pretty decent person, ask around. I am not here to diss off people.

Does PaGaLGuY.com pay you something?

They did invite me to their awesome AIPGM this year, and they also sent me a cool ‘Writer’s kit.’ But no, they do not reimburse me in any way.

Is this your website?

(^Not my words)

PaGaLGuY is run by Inzane labs private limited. Allwin Agnel is the CEO.

I am not Allwin Agnel.

Why did you target me?

Don’t flatter yourself. I have a whole life outside of PaGaLGuY. I suggest you get one too.