How To Crack an IIMs Interview, Check here for Important Tips


Getting into India’s premier B schools like IIM (Indian Institute of Management) is highly competitive. Ensuring consistent grades and acing the CATs is just the first step towards getting into your dream B school. The primary battle that you need to conquer is the Interview. Let’s talk about how you can crack an IIM interview.

Tell us About Yourself.

Most candidates believe this question to be generic, unoriginal, or unnecessary in an interview. However, you should know that this question goes more profound than it seems. It is a question that lays the foundation for your Interview.

The most distinguished IIM professors use this question to learn more about not just you in general but also your passions, hobbies, and, most importantly, interests.

Everything that you tell them- be it your family background, which city you were born in, college projects, or even your passion to play some musical instrument, will tell a story that’s unique to you. All these facts compiled is what will paint a picture of your achievements and interests to the interviewers.

Must you have an extraordinary story to tell? No. Follow a policy to answer honestly, always. This policy will help you prepare yourself for the questions that are yet to come since the interviewer will generally begin asking you questions.


  • Answer in broad strokes and only get into the details if specifically asked.
  • Mention topics that you are confident about talking at length.

Own the Conversation

The best way to own a conversation is to utilize breadcrumbs -subtly mention interests that you would like to focus on the conversation. For example, if you’re asked, what do you think about the current state of Indian Sports? Then, you can mention football as your passion and talk about sports. It allows you to control the flow of the Interview and gives you an edge. It also enables you to prepare yourself for any related questions that might branch out.

MBA Questions – The Real Questions

You need to be technically sound and possess the requisite knowledge to hold a scholarly conversation with the interviewer.

Apart from your traditional questions, if you have some work experience, then ensure that you know everything about your company. It includes the company’s such as current share price, IPO launch date, leaders, your job profile, achievements, and how you have contributed to the company.

These MBA questions are the real deal. They provide an opportunity to set you apart from the other candidates. It allows you to showcase your achievements, skills, and how you have practically applied them in a single question. If utilized optimally, this question could be the one that decides your selection.


  • Keep yourself updated with the latest news about your company, its industry, and competitors.
  • Expect subject related questions (prepare at least three subjects thoroughly)

Cracking the HR round

If you face the HR round unprepared, then it round could turn into a lifelong regret. Examples of some simple questions –

  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Why do you want to pursue an MBA?
  • Talk about an event which changed your life

You can look up MBA HR questions on the internet and prepare well for them. Remember to answer with demonstrated examples. When answering any of the sample questions mentioned above, it is advisable to explain with life examples.

Miscellaneous Tips

  • Begin your interview preparations as soon as possible. It is highly probable that your interview date might get set within a few days from the day you get a call from your dream IIM.
  • Read newspapers daily. It is the most crucial habit that you can cultivate to be up to date with current affairs. It will help you in expanding your GK and prove vital in PI as well as WAT.
  • Remain calm and be confident in your performance. Give it your 100% and things will work out for the best.

All the best!