How to Apply: Undergraduate Courses

How to Apply: Undergraduate Courses

Applying to Undergraduate Courses in the U.K. is a centralised process with varying deadlines. The Universities and Colleges Admission Services (UCAS), an independently run portal is the application repository portal.

The UCAS allows you to apply as an individual and through your education agent as well. There is no perceived bias or preference whatsoever is either modes of application.

Most Universities in the UK begin in the month of September-October and accept applications as late as June – July inclusive of a late fee. It is however, recommended that you apply well in advance, as Universities in the UK follow a rolling application system wherein application outcomes are decided in batch timelines and not after the receipt of all applications for the academic year.

Usually, students applying by December of the previous year, end up receiving offers by February of the intended academic year. Students also have the option of deferring their year of entry on special circumstances as well.

Before you apply for a course, be sure to read the instructions on UCAS’s website (