How should I prepare for an IIMA PGP programmes interview?

The PGP programmes are one of the flagship programmes of the IIMs. IIM Ahmedabad (IIMA) is no different. In fact, corresponding with its place in the 3 best business schools of India, its PGP programme is one of the most sought after programmes in the entire country. According to their own estimates, less than 1 person is selected for every 1000 candidates who apply.

This gives you an idea about the tough competition. One of the most vital phases of the screening of candidates is the personal interview. But you can prepare for it so that you have an edge over the others when the time comes. There are 4 parts to a personal interview. Here is how you can ace all of them:

  1. Questions related to your information

When we say your information, we mean even your name and surname. Basically every word that you have submitted to the college can be inquired upon. Make sure you know the meaning of your name, other famous people with the same name, and even the story behind your surname and the community.

Make sure to prepare an answer for your CGPA (does not matter if it is high or low). If its low you will be asked about your capability to handle the rigors of PGP and if its good you will be asked why you want to do MBA in the first place.

The co-curriculars are extremely important and form a lot of the questions in this part. You never know what will catch the eye of the panel. Make sure you know each and every aspect of your CV. If you have mentioned you like reading novels, make sure you know the novels you have read recently and can narrate their plot if asked to.

This is one part of the interview where you have a fixed ‘syllabus’ and can pre-determine what questions they will ask. Do not mess this up.

  1. General Knowledge and recent developments in Macroeconomics

In every interview, there are questions related to the events happening across the world, especially events happening in macroeconomics. This is a very wide field and you can be hit with the most random of questions. However, you can face them with confidence if you have more than a brief understanding of the field. Newspapers should be read daily and comprehensively.

  1. The Core of your Study and Work Experience (if any)

This is one of the most important aspects for the interviews of IIMA. There will most definitely be questions from your previous field of study. An overall understanding of the basics of your course should be enough to get you through this part. Additionally, be well versed with the projects you participated in. Once again, these projects are yours and hence this is a portion where you can excel with little effort.

  1. The HR Questions

These questions are the questions which are the most well known yet the most dodgy. These are questions which should be so well prepared that you know each and every word of your answer, but should be said in a way that seems natural and not rehearsed. The fact is knowing that everyone in the room knows you are lying. Accept this and give your answers with the utmost sincerity and you will ace this part as well.