How good FMS Delhi as compared to IIMs?

IIMs versus FMS: Conflict between the FMS options as compared to the IIM institutes? Not to be anxious, because you aren’t the only one who has this dilemma. Many students like you face this confusion when it comes to choosing between the two equally reputed institutes.

Starting from their infrastructure, campus, fee structure and brand value to the institutes’ ROI, batch size, placement and faculty quality – there are several aspects on which you can compare the institutes.

Here is a feature analysis of the two (FMS and IIMs) to resolve your confusion and summarize the various aspects you need to deal with before you take admission in any of the aforesaid institutes:

Fee Structure

The IIM institutes, which have a superior brand value than the others, inescapably charge a massive fee of Rs. 10,00 000 per year (on an average). This fee, compared to FMS, is so high. Fee structure of FMS Delhi is very little as the fees charged by IIMs, i.e. around 65,690 INR for the two years of the flagship MBA program. Therefore, FMS Delhi has benefit compared to the IIMs because of a reasonable fee structure.

Brand Value

Both IIMs and FMS have own brand value which they have created over the years. However, the exceedingly high brand value of Indian Institutes of Management – makes them a class compared to FMS Delhi. FMS is also a prominent institute, but with a comparatively low brand value when compared with IIMs. This brand value, therefore, makes the institution highly important. This reputation attracts promising MBA candidates to their institutes.

Campus environment and Batch Strength

The strength of one batch at FMS Delhi is roughly 226 students, which is less than half the strength of the IIM institutes. The lower batch strength at FMS Delhi presents more advantages in respect to individual attention to students, greater discipline, facilitated teaching and detailed pedagogical development than the IIMs.

However, many may also consider the lower batch strength as a result of narrow infrastructure and other facilities. FMS Delhi consists of approximately eight to ten classrooms, two lecture halls, a decent seminar hall, a library and a canteen. The IIM institutes –on the other hand, have modern infrastructure and facilities, which meet their standards and reputation. IIMs have hostels, large classrooms, art auditoriums, seminar halls, libraries, etc.

If you’re in search of an imperial academic environment, the place you’re looking for would be IIMs.

Faculty and learning

For aspirants who are concentrated on acquiring subject knowledge and personal grooming, this factor should be a priority. Both the institutions have top quality and highly experienced faculty. However, academic strictness is greater in the IIMs and experiential learning is more favored in FMS Delhi.

In addition to the prominence on academic and theoretical learning, FMS Delhi deals expansively with more practical projects, corporate competitions, industry interactions, and institutional management.

In a nutshell, FMS Delhi makes you an all-rounder whereas IIMs make you an academically-oriented person.

Campus Placements

The annual salary for the alumni of IIM institutes is about eighteen lakhs. On the other hand, Faculty of Management Studies Delhi is not too far behind. The salary for Faculty of Management Studies Delhi alumni is about 15.4 lakhs. In both institutes, the placements provided are almost the same.

The companies that visit and recruit students are nearly similar, so there is not much differentiation in the campus placements. Both guarantee you a good company to work for after completing their MBA course. The chances of entering top companies and organisations remain at the same level as IIM institutes.

Salary component FMS (Placements 2018) IIM A (Placements 2018) IIM B (Placements 2018) IIM C (Placements 2018)
Maximum Salary 54 72 58.2 75
Average Salary 24.10 24.45 22.76 24.2

The only advantage that Faculty of Management Studies Delhi has in respect of placements is the low strength of the batch, which diminishes the level of competition. So, even an average student is highly likely to be well placed, which may not always be possible at the IIMs.

Mentioned above were the five distinct aspects which can assist you in making a choice between the institutes. Although, the concentration of each person is on a different feature and parameter, the priority, in the end, boils down to the placements offered by the institution.

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However, it is obvious that both the IIMs and FMS are great management institutes creating an offer of a brilliant career graph and prominent roles in the corporate world. Both the IIMs and FMS institutes have their own recognition, brand value, and therefore, joining either of them will be a win-win situation for the students.