How committee work and peer learning can shape your career at K J Somaiya Institute of Management, Mumbai

Peer Learning builds shared wisdom where the sole purpose is not just idea generation but gaining mutual experiences and gathering knowledge. The committee work helps in peer learning. It not only provides a platform to share mutually decided ideas but also promotes teamwork and accountability.

The universal is to grow together and develop each other’s learning curve by building trust and camaraderie. Being part of a committee not only makes you responsible but also develops team building and managerial skills. Teamwork is an art something one needs to learn for MBA and corporate life. Working in a committee and managing work along with studies helps you to excel in multi-tasking and time management. Peer learning has both aspects – social as well as professional. Nonetheless, the virtual atmosphere due to the global pandemic has not hampered the binding forces of peer learning but has rather enabled us to brainstorm and search for new modes to connect better and grow together. Diverse perspectives getting acknowledged with the same understanding and targeted towards similar goals which are mutually discussed and decided. Social interaction with peers is important for developing a sense of community, which is valuable for all students. Being heard irrespective of any hesitation and acknowledged at the same time creates a sense of belonging for everybody who is part of a committee. 

A team as whole works for convergent ideologies and practices which develop a sense of peer learning which does not get diluted over time. K J Somaiya Institute of Management provides its students with this opportunity, a holistic experience with around 27 committees which focus and provide an overall development scope for everyone.

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