Global experience says SP Jain Global Postgraduate Dean

Imagine your dream job calling you from 5,000 miles away. Landing it is going to be anything but easy. After all, you will be competing with job seekers from around the world, not just your home country. So, how do you give yourself an edge over your competition? Had your single-city education prepared you to compete and succeed in the world of the future? 

Global businesses need job-ready leaders with global experience, and an increasing number of future jobs will require that you display the ability to network, collaborate and influence people across countries and cultures. Business may be universal, but there is no universal way of doing business. After all, how you do business in the US, UK, or Australia is different from how you would do business in India. Or any other part of the world, for that matter.

So, how do students at SP Jain Global prepare for the challenge of a global career? By living, studying and working in not one but three of the world’s leading business cities – Singapore, Sydney and Dubai. 

Today, business is all about embracing the diversity in cultures, languages and people, and adapting to varied market forces, all of which are taught in most business classrooms but never fully understood unless experienced first-hand. Stepping out of the culture you have experienced over a lifetime and into several cultures in quick succession provides an in-depth look at how different cultures compare. Our students, for instance, travel to Singapore, Dubai and Sydney. 

From internships and projects in these leading commercial capitals to guest lectures and global immersion trips, SP Jain students become part of a diverse community and have many opportunities to experience working in an international setting, even before they graduate. This gives them a distinctive edge when competing for global jobs,” shares Dr. Balakrishna Grandhi, Dean of the School’s top-ranked Global MBA program.

In Dubai, for instance, students visit the Jebel Ali Port to observe and experience the day-to-day operations of the world’s largest man-made harbour. In Singapore, they go on tours of the Parliament House and the Urban Redevelopment Authority for an in-depth look at Singapore’s rich political and cultural history. They visit the Australian Parliament and the High Court of Australia to understand the legislature and practical application of business law. Through trips to the local wineries at the Hunter Valley and over talks with local business owners and entrepreneurs, they understand the intricacies of running a successful business in Australia. They have opportunities to ‘extend’ classroom learning, view real examples and have the chance to be involved with real situations.

The learning from these trips is discussed in depth in the class, and in some cases, students are asked to write a report. 

Apart from the site visits, students participate in guest lectures that bring them face-to-face with leaders and opinion makers who offer regional insights. In Dubai, students learned about new market entry strategies through a talk by Coca-Cola’s Head of Sales Operation (Asia, Southern & Eastern Africa). They were exposed to upcoming technological trends over a session with the Chief Technology Officer of Huawei Technologies Enterprise and the science of marketing during a talk with the Vice President of Revenue Management and Training Business, Kraft Heinz. These talks happen regularly — at a frequency of one every fortnight. 

And that’s not all. They learn new languages and develop an awareness of different communication styles, cultural customs, organisational hierarchies, manners and etiquette. They learn to make new friends and contacts and automatically become part of an international community. Finally, through internships, they gain hands-on experience working in multicultural teams even before they graduate. 

When competing for a global job, who is likely to stand out—the applicant with a single-city education or someone having lived, studied and worked in three countries? Is it any surprise that SP Jain graduates work across 54 countries at organisations such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey & Co., Apple, World Economic Forum, Barclays, Nike and MasterCard, all global corporations?  

Program Details: 

The Global MBA (GMBA) is a 12-month full-time MBA for mid-career professionals with more than three years of full-time work experience (average in-class work experience of the Class of 2022 is 5.7 years). 

The upcoming intake of this program will be offered at SP Jain Global’s Singapore (term 1), Sydney (term 2) and Dubai (terms 3) campuses, where students will receive assistance with placements. The GMBA is an internationally recognised program featured in international MBA rankings of the world’s best 1-year MBA programs by Forbes, Financial Times, Times Higher Education-Wall Street Journal and The Economist. 

The Master of Global Business (MGB) is a 16-month full-time program (the program duration includes a 4-month internship) for students who little to no work experience. 

The June 2023 intake of this program will commence in Singapore (term 1) followed by Sydney (term 2) and Dubai (term 3), where students will receive assistance with global internships and full-time jobs. 

Admissions details for GMBA and MGB program

Eligibility Criteria: 

Undergraduate Degree: All applicants (domestic and international) must have an undergraduate degree from a recognised university or other approved tertiary institution 

Work Experience: To apply for the GMBA program, the candidate must have at least three years of full-time work experience in a job that the institute has determined is appropriate to the course of study. Freshers are eligible to apply for the MGB program.

English Language Requirements

  • All applicants must have completed their education as detailed above in English and provide certified evidence to the School.
  • In cases where an applicant cannot provide certified evidence, the Admission Director may approve self-attested copies of the completion of education certification.

If the applicants have not completed their most recent education qualifications in English. In that case, they must take the following English language tests and obtain currently valid minimum scores as given below:

  1. IELTS- Minimum score of 6.5
  2. TOEFL iBT- Minimum score of 70
  3. PTE- Minimum score of 60
  • International applicants (including those who have completed their most recent education qualifications in English) (including those who have completed their most recent education qualifications in English) undertaking the course at the Sydney campus may be required to meet the English language test requirements detailed by the Australian Government to obtain their student visas.

*English language test scores must be submitted on or before January 15, 2023 (for the February 2023 intake). Only test scores obtained in the last 2 years will be considered valid.

Application Process

  • Candidates applying to the GMBA & MGB program of the SP Jain must apply online. Applications are considered on a rolling basis (i.e. evaluated when they are received); so, the sooner you apply, the better your chances are for being selected.
  • MGB- Candidates only need to submit one application but may apply for two specialisations with a single application
  • GMBA– As a student of the GMBA program, you can either choose electives across different areas and develop a cross-functional perspective or specialise in any one functional area of management. You need not indicate your choice at the application stage; you may do so within a month after course commencement. Upon arrival on the campus, you will undergo a briefing by the dean of the program, area heads and members of the corporate relations team to help you make an informed decision.

Additional Requirements for Eligible Applicants for MGB and GMBA program

Applicants to the SP Jain GMBA/MGB program are required to take one of the following aptitude tests: GMAT, GRE, CAT (Common Admission Test – offered in India), or SPJAT (SP Jain Aptitude Test) and obtain the minimum expected test score as specified in the Postgraduate Admission and Selection Policy to be considered for admissions.

            GMAT (Appeared in the last 5 years)

            GRE (Appeared in last 5 years)

            CAT (Appeared in last 2 years)

            SPJAT (Appeared in the last 2 years)

  • Even if applicants have not yet taken the aptitude test or the scores are pending; they can apply for the program. However, candidates will only be shortlisted for evaluation after submitting their final test scores. The college accepts the best score on the stated tests.
  • Candidates who do not meet the aptitude test score requirements may be considered for an interview, subject to the decision of the Director of Admission/Registrar.
  • Applicants, who do not have a valid GMAT/GRE or CAT score, may appear for the SPJAT. The registration fee payable would be INR 3,500.

The application process is open for GMBA & MGB – June 2023 Intakes – APPLY NOW.

Candidate Evaluation & Interview Process

Potential applicants are shortlisted based on the following criteria:

  • Past academic performance and other achievements
  • Past work experience
  • English language proficiency to ensure successful participation
  • Outcomes and scores of aptitude tests

All shortlisted applicants will be notified in writing by the School that their application has been shortlisted for admission.

As part of the final stage of applicant evaluation, all shortlisted candidates will be required to undertake the following:

  • An Essay and Case Analysis Discussion Paper
  • SP Jain “Business Creativity Test”
  • Personal interview at one of the campuses or online with an SP Jain academic staff member. The interview is designed to assess the applicant’s communication skills, analytical skills, aptitude and subject knowledge.
  • Candidates are required to pay a non-refundable evaluation fee of INR 4,500.

SP Jain is currently accepting applications for the upcoming intake – MASTER OF GLOBAL BUSINESS (MGB) – APPLY NOW | GLOBAL MBA (GMBA) APPLY NOW 

Get in touch with SP Jain’s admissions team & stay updated on the current status of admissions for 2023-24; join: [OFFICIAL] SP Jain School of Global Management (SPJSGM) | Dubai, Singapore, Sydney: MGB & GMBA – Admissions 2022-23


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