In today’s highly competitive business landscape, acquiring advanced knowledge and skills is crucial for professional growth. Pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an excellent way to gain a comprehensive understanding of various business domains and enhance career prospects. When it comes to pursuing an MBA, choosing a reputed B-school in Delhi can provide numerous advantages due to its strategic location and industry exposure. One such esteemed institution is Manav Rachna, offering an MBA program with dual specializations that caters to diverse career aspirations.

Manav Rachna is a premier educational institution located in Faridabad (Delhi NCR), that has carved a niche for itself in the field of management education. With a focus on nurturing industry-ready professionals, Manav Rachna offers a wide range of programs, including an  AICTE-approved and NBA-Accredited MBA with dual specializations. It is the only private university in Delhi-NCR to be awarded the prestigious NAAC ‘A++’ Accreditation. The institution is known for its academic excellence, experienced faculty, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and holistic development of students. It was ranked No. 1 among the Most Prominent B-Schools of India by Competition Success Review 2022.

Located in Delhi NCR, the bustling capital of India, provides a unique advantage for MBA aspirants. The city serves as a hub for numerous industries, corporate headquarters, and government institutions. Studying in Delhi offers unparalleled exposure to industry trends, networking opportunities, internships, and access to a vast pool of professionals. The proximity to major business centers and the presence of renowned B-schools make Delhi an ideal destination for aspiring business leaders. 

MBA Program at Manav Rachna:

The MBA program at Manav Rachna is designed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in their chosen areas of specialization. The program offers dual specialization, allowing students to tailor their learning experience and acquire expertise in two different domains. With a rigorous curriculum and industry-oriented pedagogy, students gain a competitive edge and develop a versatile skill set.

15 Specializations Offered!

Manav Rachna’s MBA program offers 15 specializations to cater to diverse career interests. Here’s a brief overview of each specialization:

  1. Marketing: Explore the dynamic world of marketing strategies, consumer behavior, brand management, and digital marketing

  2. Finance: Develop expertise in financial management, investment analysis, risk assessment, and corporate finance.

  3. Human Resource & Organizational Behaviour: Gain insights into talent management, organizational culture, leadership, and employee relations.

  4. Business Intelligence and Analytics: Learn to harness data for business insights, predictive modeling, and decision-making.

  5. International Business: Acquire knowledge of global business practices, cross-cultural management, and international trade.

  6. Operations Management: Master the art of optimizing business processes, supply chain management, and logistics.

  7. Event and Media Management: Dive into the world of event planning, media production, and strategic communication.

  8. Management Information Systems: Understand the role of technology in business, database management, and information security.

  9. Healthcare Management: Explore the unique challenges and opportunities in the healthcare industry, including healthcare operations, policy, and administration.

  10. Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management: Develop the skills necessary to launch and manage your own business venture, including opportunity assessment, funding, and growth strategies.

  11. Waste Management: Focus on sustainable business practices, waste reduction, recycling, and environmental management.

  12. Aviation Management: Learn about the intricacies of the aviation industry, including airline operations, airport management, and aviation regulations.

  13. Banking and Insurance Management: Acquire knowledge of banking operations, financial services, risk management, and insurance practices.

  14. Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Understand the intricacies of supply chain networks, transportation, inventory management, and distribution strategies.

  15. Digital Marketing and E-Commerce: Explore the digital landscape, including social media marketing, search engine optimization, e-commerce platforms, and online consumer behavior.

Placement Details:

Manav Rachna’s MBA program is renowned for its strong industry connections and excellent placement record. The institution has tie-ups with leading companies across various sectors, providing students with ample opportunities for internships and placements. The dedicated placement cell assists students in developing their professional profiles, organizing recruitment drives, and facilitating career counseling sessions. The program’s graduates have secured placements in prestigious companies, attesting to the quality of education and training provided.

Some of the Top Recruiters include KPMG, Airtel, Amazon, American Express, Business World, IBM, HT Media world, Indiabull Ventures, Fortis among many others.

MBA Admissions shall be based on All India Entrance Tests (CAT/MAT/XAT/MRNAT/any other equivalent test) and GD/PI. 

Pursuing an MBA with dual specialization at Manav Rachna offers aspiring business professionals a plethora of opportunities for personal and career growth. With its wide range of specializations, experienced faculty, industry-oriented curriculum, and strong industry connections, the institution prepares students to thrive in today’s competitive business environment. Whether one seeks to become a marketing strategist, financial analyst, HR manager, or supply chain expert, Manav Rachna’s MBA program equips individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed. So, take a step towards unlocking your career success by considering the MBA program at Manav Rachna.

Admissions are open for MBA for the batch of 2023-25. To apply, click here.

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