Girls Cross the Intangible Barrier at IIM Rohtak

Don’t we often hear many leaders call out to get rid of patriarchy in education by eliminating age-old obstacles to uplift girls in India? One is always on the lookout for institutions that take the lead in emancipating one half of the populace from the trammels they have been cocooned in.

Many have spoken about releasing the shackles that keep girls from scaling the higher rungs in the echelons of education. Only a few privileged families in India have the means to spend on a post-graduate programme for their daughters.

This usually results in a glaring percentage of girls deprived of their dreams of post-graduation in management. 

In a first of its kind for IIMs and IITs, the class of 2020 – 2022, its 11th one at IIM Rohtak, will seat more girls than boys – as many as 156 girls out of a total of 260 students. Most states from India see representation in the B School this year, and more than 100 out of the 260 admissions are working professionals too. 

Dheeraj Sharma, a director at IIM Rohtak, is quoted to have seen this as a positive step. The Director said that the B school had taken a few out of the box steps to achieve this feat of getting more girls onboard. 

What did IIM Rohtak do to get 69% girls in the batch?

According to the Director, IIM Rohtak first called all the women candidates over phones and also sent them emails. Next, they got five banks to sanction education assistance by way of loans to the girls in two days.

They made a shift from the run-of-the-mill common admission processes of 2nd gen IIMs. Many new generation IIMs have come up in the past 13 years. IIM Rohtak, one of the second-generation IIMs, commenced operations in 2010.  

They have also taken a bigger batch strength overall, compared with the previous years. 

How does IIM Rohtak plan to handle the big batch size?

– They have decided to dedicate extra (25% more than earlier) teaching hours to overcome the snags in both the imparting and the grasping of lessons that they foresee in conducting classes online. 

– They have made smaller groups of the batch to facilitate better imparting of the concepts to students.

– Every three or four classes will be followed by deliberations and doubt solving sessions between the students and the faculty.

– The progress of each lecture will be assessed using fixed guidelines.

What else is impressive about this B School?

– They have ensured that all their participants are placed in good companies in the past three years in a row. 

– Most of the job offers for this year have been accepted despite the nation-wide lockdown.

– This is the only big IIM around the national capital and its surroundings.

Going forward, there are still hopes for anyone to pursue higher education in India. This is a welcome step. Sex and affordability are no longer any barriers to anyone’s pursual of a graduation in management in our nation. Rewarding erudition is the way to go! 

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Source: The Livemint