GD/PI | What is the difference between Leader and Boss?

What are my chances at IIMK?

Profile: Xth- 94…XIIth- 89….Btech- 87…CAT 16- 99.4…National and regional awards in violin and music.

Have two research publications. Fresher.

P1 and P2

P1: Tell me which department are you in?

M: I am in electronics and communications department sir.

P1: What is the difference between electronics and communications?

M: (answered)

P1: in communications difference between 3G and 4G? Name some communications companies.

I mentioned airtel reliance Ericsson Alcatel at&t

P1: who acquired Alcatel?

I couldn’t answer

Ok tell me how communications companies in India Technically work.

I explained about LTE and volte by reliance and Vodafone. 3Gpartnershipproject by Vodafone and reliance and airtel.

P1: what is India’s GDP? How make in India project is being implemented by such telecom companies. Examples.

I answered. Some cross questions as to why. Where. How. If Chinese companies then how make in India? Explained about snapdragon 650 processor for Indian subcontinent. Less costs due to exemption from import duties.

P1: do you have a gf? Someone u share your dreams with?

Had a laugh when I mentioned many. Then explained about girls as friends being girlfriends and went on to say that I do have someone special in my life too.

P2: why MBA as a fresher? Why not gather experience?

Answered about research papers I had published and want to apply the approach learnt in research activities in my MBA studies to broaden my horizon and have a holistic knowledge of managing a company along with managing technology.

Some cross questions why and examples from life to explain

P2: what are the qualities of a manager?


P2: is team spirit a quality? What is the difference between leader and boss? In the GD were you a leader? U cut some people in the GD, do u think u were a leader?

I answered to the cross questions as I was trying to be a leader but I tried my best as a group participant to give points to be discussed. I did have mistakes and I am still learning. So I think this gd will be a learning process for me to better myself.

Asked about other calls. Mentioned iimS new iims.

Crossed that S stands for Srimaur too. I mentioned yes. Both the s. Srimaur and Shillong.