GD/PI | So What Are Your Views On Jallikattu?

MDI process- 1/3/2017 1pm slot at MDI gurgaon campus


10/12/ Btech- 93.1/90.4/75.66

Work ex -0

GD and WAT– Should agricultural subsidies be there?

WAT- supported agricultural subsidies as it is helping the farmers with land less than 5 hectares (the lower strata) farmer get good quality products at lower prices helping him financially. Also such farmers have huge credit against their names, and subsidies through government channels helps in eliminating the middle man and the huge interest rates associated with the same (middleman way of getting loans).  So, financial liberty. Good quality products(seeds, fertilizers, electricity etc) results in produce of high quality at lower price, which means availability of high quality produce at lower prices than as compared to when the farmer would have had to shell out a lot more for the same quality( can mean low quality produce if prices are kept lower without subsidies). Being an agri based economy it makes sense.

GD- Spoke the same points and pitched a few negatives such as upper strata farmers availing the benefits they clearly should not be entitled to. Felt wat and gd went decent enough. I felt I emerged among the better members of that GD.

PI– Two ma’am’s (one was 35-40ish and the other one was on the older side)

Q1- to unsettle me, they said that in my voice there is a certain kind of rhythm/mechanical singing voice?

A1- I will take care of it.

Q2- Delved straight into my hobby reading-. So, I said Orwell is my favourite author and his books which I have read. So, what did you like about Animal Farm?

A2- told how in early days autocracy seems “the answer” as things are smooth, but later on how power in few hands is dystopia in the making.

Q3- So what are your views on Jalikattu?

A3- told my views (will not write the exact details since it may offend some people). I was told a lot more about the indigenous bull and why it can be the other way round.

    these questions were asked by ma’am in her 30s and the other ma’am was constantly looking at my grades but didn’t ask anything about my acads. Now she started asking *

    Q4- What do you make of your undergraduation college?

    A4- Said the unique perspectives about it apart from the acads.

      At this point they were all smiling and offered me the dreaded “biscuits/chips”. They both said we have asked enough but suddenly the senior panelist started asking again about my hobby-reading*

      Told them about books of Marquez I read but didn’t fully understand (one hundred years of solitude due to its immense depth).

      Q5- I had mentioned about Fitzgerald’s “The great Gatsby”. She said I did not find anything worthwhile in that. What was it that you liked?

      A5- How lonely can it be at the top. Despite being surrounded in a rotten crowd, Gatsby was worth the whole bunch put together. How the aristocracy had a murky side and so on.

      Now they started asking me about the newspaper I read. But somehow it got shifted to the fake news helping Trump win. I explained one needs to vet his reading sources before reading. Told her how trump and Brexit is not mere racism but neglect along with (you can find a lot of anecdotes on quora and the left leaning media is not the end to all answers). She told me about the way journalism works. I was naive at times (I am 21, who is not) and they were intrigued by my thoughts (it seems), but found a bit of rawness.

      Q6 Since we have asked so much about reading, tell us one thing we might not be aware of (newspaper/book or something like that)?

      A6 Spoke about ProPublica (investigative journalism). They were not aware about it and I told them about it.

        END                                                                            *

        I guess my low percentile and GEM fresher tag is a problem. I spoke what I knew. Share your views if you like. Hope this helps