GD/PI | Do U Feel Trump Was Wrong To Look Into US Economy?

SLOT – 04.03.2017 1:45 pm




UG degree-B TECH

Work ex-30 MONTHS

XAT score-97.29

Interview for which course- XLRI BM

GD topic: Innovation is the best insurance against irrelevance

GD experience: GD was a healthy discussion with everybody pitching in with valid points. I could also play along with the group and raise 4 valid points supported with examples. Although the group couldn’t rank it as per the required format

PI Experience:

Two Lady Prof L1, L2 .One gent G1

L1; So, you work in XYZ?? in Gurgaon ??

Me: No.. At Gr. Noida.

L2: So, you have mentioned you vehemently oppose jingoistic viewpoints? Why what is wrong?

M: Answered it originates from a sense of feeling superior to others and breeds racist and sectionalism which is not desirable in the modern society. Eg. Trump calling Mexico Bad Hombre.

L2 Do u feel trump was wrong to look into US economy?

M: US Economy needed a revival since growth was declining. But that does not call for such immature response and name calling. It sends out a wrong message from the most powerful Office Bearer.

L2: Why is it wrong? Why do you feel it is wrong?

M : Explained how I have interacted with Pakistani’s during my professional life & how the interaction changed my preconceived notion about the so called enemy “Pakistan”. People are not inherently bad and should not be judged based on their ethnic background.

L2: So do you think everybody is good?

M: Everybody is not good. Just as everybody is not bad. We should judge people based on their actions and not prejudice.

L2: Why do you think such viewpoints arise??

M: Superiority Complex.

L2: What are you doing to eradicate that?

M: I make sure that in my sphere of activity personal and professional such attitudes are not shown and a spirit of brotherhood is created.

L2: How have you done that? Rather, How do you make others follow suit?

M: *College experience of bringing shy people to the fore front. Then asked about recent action. Told about an exp @ office.

L2: What is your stand on DU issue?

M: Started talking about how the issue should have been controlled to a college issue. Instead of letting the media have a ball day. Culprits should have been punished by the college itself. Asked how does anybody become a culprit here? Started blabbering how people were denied permissions to conduct the function and still they went ahead with the function. Panelists seemed confused. G1 budged in & told that I have confused it with JNU incident. Apologized for the mistake and talked about the Gurmehar issue. How people were wrong at harassing her online. How we should disagree with dignity & it was an unjustifiable mob frenzy..

L2: You seem to be well informed. Do you write blogs/ articles?

M: No.

L2: Nothing in social media? How do you convince people to your side of the argument if you are not voicing it out?

M: I do respond in social media. But while responding I do make sure that the language is not overcritical lest it should invite unwanted attention.

L2: You have mentioned in your form that in personal conversations you stand by your opinion. But now you told you are selective in responding.

M: I am selective in responding because I don’t want to attract unwanted attention. But I do make my opinions clear in personal circles & open discussion forums. But I refrain from doing so in professional spaces because it might lead to uneasiness at work place. Told about how Gurmehar’s subject was valid, whereas she could have avoided much of the attack by just tweaking her words a bit to convey the same message. I would always be careful with my words.

L2: So, you are saying your words should be politically correct?

M: Yes.

L1: What do you do in your free time currently?

M: I travel. Not Tour. I travel to places with close friends, to explore the place as a whole.

l1: What do you learn?

M: Told. Connected with earlier points.

L1: @ Your work place do you find something which you feel should be changed.

M: Told about how cast names still matter in India even in professional spheres. Tried to contradict, threw in a personal example.

L1: How is Kerala?

M: Kerala is pretty good.

L2: What good ? Tell us why it is so?

M: Told about education and health standards. How everybody even labour immigrants get it.

L1: Are you sure immigrants get it? I don’t think so.

M: Well, Not everybody, people who have been here for some time eventually bring their families and have access to the same education as resident Keralites have.

L2 Tried to contradict again. But sticked to the point

L2: About Kerala’s GDP?

M: Explained the challenges.

L2: Okay. [Passing over to G1]

G1:OK.[Me waiting for questions. he had verified my docs and had given a piece of paper to scribble if needed]. OK. [as if I can go].

G1:[On seeing me stunned] You are a bit taken aback since I have not asked you anything. I have heard what I wanted to here. Don’t worry you may go.

M: Thank you

Your tips for GD and PI: Keep it simple. Don’t Bluff

How you feel your GD/PI experience was: Not even one que from acads/ work ex / long term goal (My essay was on it :/)