GD/PI Rewind: Why are the Petrol Prices Rising?

Date – 28/05/12
Time – 2-3 pm
Venue – JBIMS 
Work Ex – NA
Graduation – in Ceramic Engineering
MHCET Score – 128/99.79%ile

GD – Group of 10, 3 absent
Topic – Foreign Universities should be allowed in India
Contributed 4 to 5 times, It became more of a fish market, but I kept my calm and when cut by somebody, kept quiet.

Panel 4, 2 panelists
P1 – Smart old fellow, very lively, around 60
P2 – Serious and strict guy, around late 50
Sat down,
P1(Showing me his tooth) – Dude, this is a ceramic tooth, I got it replaced. Tell me its price.
Me – Grinning (after his weird tooth show), around 8-10k
P1 – Excellent (may be I got it very near), but my doctor is charging 25k for this stuff (Again showed me his yellow tooth)
Me – Maybe, but that is too much. I made the example of the Tidia bone in leg which costs around 70-100k, so I don’t know the exact price but with this reference a tooth may well do in 10 k.
P2, to P1 – May be he is charging for the work involved.
Both Laugh
P1 – So …, your name is nice
Me – Grinning (Don’t know why I was laughing this much)
P1 – What is your CET score.
Me (Thought as if they were asking my CG score) – 7.75
P1 – What.
P2 – No No what is your CET score
Me – 128,99.79
P1, P2 – Excellent, very nice, probably you can make it to JBIMS..Nice
Me – Yes, I can have a seat here.
P1 to P2 – Ask him something (as if he was done with me)
P2 – So, tell me what is happening in India, what is the environment in India
Me – Told him about the current scene and blah blah
P2 – Why are the petrol prices rising
Me – Told
P2 – If dollar is rising against the rupee, then what happens who makes profit
Me – Told him, it is both profitable and loss like for different ppl
P2 – Where do you see India in 10 years frm now?
Me- Blah Blah Blah
P2 – Can India get their, considering their present scene?
Me – Yes
P2 -Thank You
P1 – Thank you
Any questions
Me- Asked them something about their auditorium (Strange)..and compared it to one in my UG and capacity problems. 
P1 and P2 – Laughed and answered.
Short but strange interview. Just lasted for 6-7 minutes.
Hope it went well, Fingers Crossed.

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