GD/PI Rewind: Why you want to Leave your Current Job?

Center : JBIMS 
Time : 27th May 2-3 PM
Marks : 97(96.1 %ile) and OMS candidate

Topic :

1)Women empowerment leads to social development
2)Should be National Banks be privatised

Topic 1 was choosen and there were 3 members in panel

I spoke 4-5 times and was second to start. Overall GD was good and everyone was and there was with no fish market. Infact at tyms it seems no1 would speak now.2-3 ppl did’nt spoke much and were asked by panelist to speak.

PI : two male members P1 in 50’s and P2 in 60’s

P2 : What is your weakness (dnt knw y dey start with this)
me: answered 

P2: but this is good thing
me : i explained again and it seems he was satisfied with ans.

P2: why you want to leave your current job.
me : told not interested in tech stuff (obviously direct nhi bola).and wanted to explore career options and blah blah

P2: how u can be sure that after MBA you would be interested n your job.
me : i organized various fest in my college and went for marketing to grip ion sponsors and also did something similar in my company and this makes me interest.

P1 after a long time pinches in with same Q Y MBA in diff format

P1: Is it necessary to do MBA .der r ppl who haven’t done MBA but are running der own business
me : I wanted to understand principles involved and want to have hands-on knowledge and practical learning and blah blah..

P1: He gives situation b/w company A and B. A is losing share with respect to B. tell me tactics to rectify
me : a lot depends on product and quality and external factors. Need to understand my operational cost, logistics involved and blah blah..

P2 chips in
P2: you seems to use fb a lot. this all comments looks good in fb but not in real life.

P2: Name first PM of India.
me : Dr. Rajendra prasad. ?

P2: ru sure :nono:
me no sorry it Jawaharlal Nehru :banghead:

P2 : who was his follower
me : said he had 2 successive terms. 

P2:But some1 would have followed him
me : sorry sir. on this he said make a guess

P1:what is your marks in CET
me : told

P1 : im done with him
P2 im also done

P2: all the best for your future 

that’s it.I was screwed a lot in PI.I missed some question herein as I was asked many questions from my answers itself