GD-PI 2018 | Why Are Multiple Banking Scams Happening in India?

Interview experience: MDI – 20/02/2018

WAT and GD: Impact of technology on banking sector

P1: Tell us about yourself.


P1: you have written about china in your WAT, could you tell me when the Chinese declared economic liberalisation?

Me: 1978

P1: India?

Me: Sir I cannot recall.

P1: why are so many banking related scams are happening in the country?

Me: Corruption and inefficient regulation.

P1: Agreed. Is SEBI the regulatory body you are talking about?

Me: No sir, SEBI is for securities transactions.

P1: Do you read?

Me: No sir not much into reading.

P1: Newspaper?

Me: Yes sir I started reading the Hindu a few months back.

P1: Who owns it?

Me: Told the two names. One I told wrong.

P1: Asked me if I was sure?

Me: Yes sir.

P1: Who is the editor in chief?

Me: Mukund Padmanabhan.

P2: Name the 3 best private CS Engineering colleges from South India.

Me: told.

P2: Are you sure IIIT Hyderabad is private?

Me: yes sir.

P2: Tell me one thing you would like to change about your college

Me: told. Relating to extra curriculars.

P1: If the faculty would have taken interest in the activity you are talking about you wouldn’t have raised 40 lakhs .

Me: Sir we still would have. We are not asking for monetary support from the college but some support from the administration is always helpful.

P1: What would you do if the same thing happened here?

Me: I would do what I did in my undergrad. I made sure that the college has enough funds for these activities and also cracked long term partnerships with Coca Cola and and Reliance Jio. The college is still receiving money from those brands and a few others.

P2: Is Wells Fargo famous or infamous?

Me: It’s infamous.

P2: Why?

Me: Told how the scam tarnished it’s image.

P2: What does the Wells Fargo India operations do?

Me: Told about the different verticals and my work.

P1: What is your CAT percentile?

Me: Sir 99.57

P1: You have calls from ABC?

Me: No.

P1: You have less marks in 10/12?

Me: No sir.

He looked at my marks in the form and both of them smiled and said all the best. Thank you.