GD-PI 2018 | Prepare Well for Everything Mentioned In CV

Interview Date : 06th Feb

College : SIIB

SNAP Percentile : 95.25%le

Group Exercise : This time, majorly GD is being conducted. My topic was ‘Are services like OLA and Uber taking the share of autowalas?’

WAT Topic : There were two parts of WAT round. WAT-1 was for 5 minutes, in which a picture would be shown to you for 30 secs and you would have to write a story based on it in 4 mins and 30 secs. In WAT-2 you would be given essay topic and 20 mins to write an essay. My topic was is the population of India an asset.

PI Review : Prepare well for this.

Below are the questions asked to me:

Do you think Accenture used Tiger Woods?

Why IB after IT experience? How can it help you?

How were the employees of Satyam treated by Mahindra during the merger?

What is Globalization, Internationalization and localization?

What is ITES?

Tell us about the whistle blower bill.

How is Kathak related to management?

Which other calls do you have?

Special Advice : They are asking PI questions related to your background. So, prepare well for everything that you have mentioned in your CV. They will give you a sheet where you have to mention your achievements and SOP. Do not forget to submit that before leaving.