GD-PI 2018 | I Introduced Myself As a Chess Player

Interview Experience

Venue: IIM Kolkata

Date & Time: 24th Feb, 8:30 am

The process started with a Mr. Bean video to make us relax. Soon after a Professor from IIT-Madras gave a presentation regarding IIT-M Campus life and other details (placement info, CAT 2017 shortlisted candidates-948, Total Seats: 66-80) etc. A brief doubt clearing session followed the presentation and after 10 minutes WAT started (30mins for 300 words).

WAT Topic: More and more women in the western society are speaking out against persons in top positions accusing them of sexual assault in the past. What could be the reason behind it? How does it reflect the social behavior of western societies?

After WAT is over, candidates were allotted panels. I got Panel-I and I was the 7th candidate to be interviewed by that panel which consisted of a male professor and two females.


The PI lasted for about 15 mins. No technical or work ex related questions. It was mostly on Chess (starting from history of chess to origins of players and also important chess matches of last century) as I introduced myself as a chess player.

Some important questions (other than those related to chess) that are asked:

1. In which domain you want to go for MBA and Why?

2. What is CSR and corporate governance?

3. Solve a quadratic equation of your choice.

4. 1st person to win Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award.