From a Girl with Dreams to a Woman with Focus

A globetrotter by passion, Smriti Rajvanshi (GMBA 2021) has always been curious to learn about different cultures, norms, behaviours, approaches, and businesses worldwide. As someone who loves to explore cultural diversity, the Global MBA at SP Jain was just a stepping stone for Smriti towards her larger goals.

What prime aspects motivated her to take up the Global MBA program? How did it impact her career?

We caught up with Smriti for a quick interview to find out:

Q. Could you give us a quick introduction about yourself and some significant moments from your life that shaped you?

I am currently working as a Management Trainee, soon turning into an Assistant Manager, Customer Experience & Marketing at Ensure Services, a wing of Redington – the most prominent IT product distributor in the MEA region. I am from New Delhi and worked for a Social Media Marketing Agency before joining the SP Jain Global program. Before this, I completed my Master’s in History and spent a tremendous amount of time travelling across India, Asia, and Europe.

While exploring the diversity across Bhutan, France, Singapore and 15 other countries, I understood how our cultural past shapes many of our behaviour, norms, and businesses. Such an understanding furthered my approach to team management skills. For instance, whenever I’m caught in a conflicting situation, my experiences have allowed me to focus on the actual background of the problem, enabling me to communicate more effectively.

Q. What were your favourite aspects of the GMBA experience at SP Jain?

1) The tri-city exposure – It satiated the explorer in me while also allowing me to learn different corporate cultures across three geographies through the Industry Interface Projects.

2) The faculty – Professors such as B. Moradian, A. Banerjee, and U. Kothari are masters in their respective fields. It felt surreal just to be in their presence and learn the tricks of the trade from veterans.

3) The overall administration – In Australia, especially during the pandemic, none of us knew how to deal with the situation. During this period, the SP Jain administration was exceptionally helpful and supportive in finding ways to support us and ensuring we got back home safely.

Q. What were some of your top achievements during and after your GMBA?

My team and I won the intra-college marketing competition in the first semester, followed by being in the Dean’s list for the following two semesters. One of the most significant achievements was finishing the course despite various hurdles, including the COVID-19 pandemic. I finally found a job in Dubai, which had been a dream right since the start of my GMBA journey.

Q. You spent your time at SP Jain with people from around the world. How did this impact you?

The global cohort at SP Jain opened my eyes to how people from different cultures view problems and how they find solutions. Especially while working on projects with people from different geographies, you learn about what motivates them, their dislikes and disapprovals, which gives you a chance to reflect and improve.

I am now cognizant of how my actions may impact someone from a different region who does not think the way I do and may take offence from a simple change of tone, unpunctual behaviour or lack of commitment.

Q. What does life after SP Jain look like for you? What changes have you seen in yourself since graduation?

Post the SP Jain journey, I have seen a boost in my confidence, a sense of security, and a zest to achieve more. My achievements have made me strive for higher goals, and as long as I am achieving, I feel, the sky’s the limit.

There is so much to do in my current organisation and more thereafter. It was only during my time at SP Jain that I saw a competitive side in me. I believe this is extremely necessary for those who want to achieve greater success in life. I have learnt to keep a competitive spirit healthy and enjoy the process more than focusing on the achievement.

Q. SP Jain GMBA experience prepares students to become global leaders. How do you think studying this program has opened a gateway for you?

SP Jain has given me the right platform and the required ammunition to support a great career. From a girl with dreams to a woman with focus, I have come a long way from Delhi to Dubai. Personally, this course was a scope for me to learn and grow, not just academically but also mentally and emotionally. It has given me the strength to stand out in the crowd, project my talent, and achieve more significant results.

Understanding different cultures, people, and processes have helped me become a more seasoned professional. I see this while interacting with the team assigned to me in my current job role, based in Egypt. We might not come from the same cultures, but I can better handle critical situations that require empathy with a lot more ease than I could imagine.

This ability will help me achieve great heights apart from the analytical thinking approach I gained throughout the GMBA program.

Q. What advice would you give students who want to take up a similar career path as yours? How can they make the best of their SP Jain journey to be equipped for this career?

I wish I had taken this course earlier. My only advice to those who want to take up an MBA and follow the same career graph would be to start early. This course has speed-fasted my career, and my entire life has seen a significant shift. I am satisfied professionally and personally. So I would ask new or potential freshers to take a decision as quickly as possible and make the most of it.

How to make the most of it, you ask? Make lots of friends, those who won’t give up on you. Make great memories, stay centered and find the focus to learn, not just study. Learn from your peer group, professors and places. Become a sponge and absorb what you can while dreaming big!

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