Four Point Preparation for GD and PI [Welingkar]

Many of you must have already made a wish list of B-Schools where you would like to study. You must have researched, read and interacted with friends and peers about the admission process in B-School. What is the criterion? How difficult or easy-going is the group discussion and personal interview. You must have surfed a dozen study websites to figure your way ahead. Here are a few areas that cover important aspects of the group discussion and personal interview. Always remember that these processes would be easy for experienced candidates who have a year or two year work experience. These candidates have been in the professional environment and worked in a group of people who are different personalities. For them it is easy to make their way in a group conversation. If you are a fresher then you need to take note of these strong candidates. Whether you are experienced or a fresher you need not take chances to miss out on anything for the pre-admission preparation.

Group discussion forms an essential part of the admission process in any B-School across India. It is the first and the most important round for you to get ahead in the next round of the personal interview.  Group discussion will have candidates who are experienced, freshers and who have a passion of subjects like finance, marketing or healthcare. Your names will be called out and you will be seated in a room of ten candidates you have never interacted before. The group will be given a topic and time of fifteen minutes. Within this time you must highlight your points without being pushy, verbose or rudely aggressive. Know that the group discussion will be examined by a faculty who will be noting not only your knowledge but also your skills of being a team player, leader, assertiveness and so on.

Personal interview is a phase where seniors from the industry will try to understand your skills, your interests. They will counsel and advise you on appropriate courses that would suit your personality. You need to be open and expressive in showcasing your strengths. In-case you have not enrolled in a coaching centre and have studied CAT yourself; here’s a four point plan to get through GD and PI.

Have a cutting edge – Possesses knowledge and be updated in current affairs. The topic for the group discussion could vary from familiar to unfamiliar subjects. It could be a trending politics topic or the economy of Middle East having a global impact or how the US is redefining its relations with other countries.  It is important that you have a broader understanding on concepts like demonetization, banking, artificial intelligence and so on. The idea is to have a wider understanding and knowledge to deal with topics you are not familiar with. E.g. hypothetically, you get a topic of comparison of demonetization in India versus demonetization in Spain. Here you may not be aware about the impact in Spain, but you could emphasis on the concept instead of impact.

Clarity – Staying clear among the clutter gives you an edge. You need to instill clarity in your thoughts through critical thinking approach. Breaking a topic by understanding its background, its design and measuring the affect and effect/benefit derived will be helpful while having a discussion in a group and during personal interview. This approach will help you to be self-aware and also develop knowledge about the sectors you aim to enter and work.

Colour – How a uniqueness of the color in a diamond decides the prize of it, similarly your USP or interest in specific areas adds color. Know thy self – your interest, your dislikes, your challenges. Also, do take up activities to know and discover yourself.

Certification: Your work should speak about your interests and skills you possess. Work experience of a year or your own startup could add the much needed credibility. A credible online course can add value. Working for an NGO for community service is valuable.

At WeSchool also popularly known at Welingkar Institute of Management, the group discussion and personal interview process has noted industry leaders interviewing candidates. These are recognized professionals from FMCG, Banking, Auto, Healthcare, Manufacturing etc.. These are professionals who have made a mark in the industry they work and so their standards of prospective students are high.

Your grooming, attire, manner of speaking – tone, choice of words and assertiveness is taken note of. WeSchool follows strict parameters to ensure there is no mismatch between your skills and the choice of program you choose. Making right choices when filling the form is essential as there is no second chance for the same year.

Keeping the broader aspects of the selection process in mind one can work towards passing the selection criteria with flying colors.

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