For Vidit Garg, admission into IIM-A at 89.67 %ile in General category is a gift from God

For 23 year-old Vidit Garg, the news that he bagged admission to IIM Ahmedabad at a percentile of 89.67 was more of a shock at first. “I could not believe it, yes, my interview did go well and I had given myself 50% of a chance but to actually get admitted is quite something else,” the elated student told PaGaLGuY.

Vidit has been attempting CAT since three years and this year had decided to go for it without any coaching. He did take coaching from Edmyt for interview sessions though. “I had joined a coaching class in my first attempt and not got through so decided to take a shot without it. But I did take coaching for the interviews,” admitted Vidit.

Vidit attributes much of his success to Edmyt. But more than anyone, he thinks God did it for him. In a true Oscar presentation style speech, Vidit first gave God the credit for his IIM-A entry and then his parents. “God has been very kind and all credit to him first. Can’t leave out my parents who had patience while I gave my third attempt at CAT. They encouraged me through,” disclosed Vidit.

In fact, Vidit who has two months work ex post his degree college, joined the family business thereafter. “My parents had told me that if CAT does not work out, I should stick to the family business. I had kind of agreed but had also applied to universities abroad as a Plan B. The next is line for a round of thanks for Vidit is Vijay Jha, his faculty at Edmyt who, he says, pushed him through out and believed that he could do it.

For this CAT, Vidit did some serious study about a month before the exam – with a good measure of General Studies. And he does not believe that coaching is totally necessary to do well in CAT. “It depends on the person. People without coaching do well and people with lots of coaching do badly. So it is what you make of the coaching you take,” this new hero on the education circuit told PaGaLGuY.

And this hero is kind of just beginning to get used to his new found stardom. The media has been after him for some hours now and the constant buzz around him has made him a little uneasy too. “Am an introvert and like to remain like this. I know suddenly I have come into the limelight but I like to keep a low profile if possible,” he said.

Next two months, till he starts his IIM-A journey, Vidit has decided to get into serious studies. “I have heard that the first term is difficult so want to get ready right away,” he said. Make sense, since this new pin-up boy for all those aspiring to get into IIM-A has a reputation to protect.