Food Arrangements & Facilities at LPU, Jalandhar

Best foods in LPU (Part-I)

A 600-acre campus packed with thousands of students not only from all over the country but international students reside here as well. So, you can imagine the food options available at the campus.

These foods not only help us to not miss our home food, instead of when we go back home, we often miss the yummy food options which are available on the campus. So, in this article, I will share some all-time favourite cuisines of all the lovely students.

Pasta – for us in LPU, pasta is not just a food item; it is an emotion now. Either it is brunch, lunch, evening or party time, it is the option which comes to our mind now and then. There are numerous shops offering pasta mixed with their uniqueness. Generally, there are two variants, namely – red and white baked pasta.

Momos – Momo is also an all-time favourite by most of us. Just like that, LPU students are also nothing exceptional in this case. Many shops offer hot momos with special spicy chutney and some mayonnaise. Cheese, veg, steamed, fried, and unique kurkure momos are the varieties provided on campus.

Gajar ka halwa – lovely is equally known for its sweets, just like the university. So, how can I skip lovely’s desserts? You must give a try to all the available items in lovely sweets, but it’s gajar ka halwa is most famous maybe because of its seasonal availability. I don’t have words to explain its taste and praise it, but I can say that, once you have it, then you can list it among one of your personal favourites.

Fruit salad – I can mention this item just to let you all know that LPU campus has numerous healthy options to offer as well. All the fruit shops offer fruit salads, fruit juice, and shakes all fresh.

Pizza – LPU have dominos on campus, but along with that Canadian pizza, Chicago pizza is also there in the house. Many shops in the kiosk prepare their kind of pizza. A group of friends always prefer a pizza over any other food because we know that sharing is caring. What can be better than pizza when it comes to sharing?

Belgium waffle – Another dessert I would like to share before closing the article is waffle. I consider it an urban food item. This mouth-watering dessert with molten chocolate and syrup is my personal favourite. Waffle is prefered during the evening time so either you were having a good or bad day you can surely go for it, to give yourself and your friends a sweet treat.

The food walk in LPU campus doesn’t end here; soon I will come up with some more. Because, how can such a happening B- School have only this much to offer. So, to know more about our campus life, stay tuned.

Thank you.

This article is brought to you by Ambika Sur – LPU MBA Batch 2019 – 2021

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  1. @Dharamveer011080
    LPU provides the beautiful infrastructure and all required resources to students and staff. I will highly recommended that if you really want to make your career with good level of education then you should go for LPU. When I was seeking college for admission for my graduation, I was quite confused. But after a long comparison with all relevant facts and figures I joined LPU and now I am an alumni of LPU and Decision for LPU was best decision of my life. LPU gave me extra edge in everything. LPU is Great in teaching, placements, infrastructure or other facilities. LPU has around 2300 faculty members in the university. It has experienced, specialised and well qualified faculty members. LPU has earned many affiliations, recognition and accreditation and mark itself among the few of the top private universities. LPU has earned many affiliations, recognition and accreditation and mark itself among the few of the top private universities. Moreover the placement opportunities in LPU are much better than other private universities as it is ranked the 5th amongst the other universities for its placement records. More than 550 companies visit every year for such activities and campus-recruitment of students from LPU and this year for batch graduating in 2020, already more than 500 placement/internship drives have been conducted till January 2020 with leading industry giants (more than 90% being MNCs) such as Amazon, Tech Mahindra, ITC, Trident Group, Cognizant Technology Solutions etc. And generating more than 3000 offers just in the first half of the academic session. I believe that you should visit LPU campus.
    October 2020