Five Point MBA (Part-3)

· Team Work: If you work with different people, on different subjects, with different timelines resulting in very different outcomes, term after term after term, you shall know more about team work than you can possibly imagine.

· Knowing thyself: More than anything else, I realized that after doing my MBA, I had a much clearer vision and understanding of who I really was, as a person. I now know more about my strengths and weaknesses, my hopes and ambitions, and my thought-processes and opinions than I did before I set foot at IMT. If that’s not learning, what is?

If I have to describe my experience of doing an MBA with one word, it would have to be ‘transformative’. Not because of the fact that it has made me a better and more-rounded individual (which it has), or because it made me realize how much I knew or more importantly, how much I did not know about the world I lived in (which it did).

It is because of the comprehension that the learning I have gained over the course of my management education is not cumulative or complete, but is only the beginning – and shall only grow exponentially from here on in my career. And for that, I shall be eternally indebted and grateful to my alma mater.