Farewell, my procrastination, I have been delaying this breakup for far too long. Yes, you heard me right. I’ve been in a toxic relationship with procrastination, and it’s time to bid it goodbye, especially during my CAT preparation. Just like saying no to a harmful friend, I must learn to say no to procrastination and embrace a focused and disciplined approach to achieving my dreams.

Oh, how deeply I’ve fallen for the allure of procrastination. Back in the early days of my preparation, it seemed harmless, almost like a friend who understood my need for a break. But as time went on, it became apparent that procrastination was holding me back from reaching my full potential.

I indulged in procrastination at every opportunity. At first, it felt like a small break from the stress of preparation, but soon, it became a habitual escape. Just like the crisp sweetness of coffee or tea, procrastination provided temporary relief, but it did nothing to help me succeed in my preparation progress.

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I’ve spent countless hours putting off important tasks,  I kept telling myself, “I’ll start studying in a while,” or “I’ll do it tomorrow.” But tomorrow never came.  It’s amazing how procrastination can make time slip away, leaving me with a pile of pending tasks and unfulfilled potential.

I now understand the impact of procrastination on my future. It’s time to prioritise my goals and aspirations, just as I prioritise my health. Saying no to procrastination is not easy, just like saying no to alluring temptations. However, just as I can resist the temptations, I can also develop the willpower to resist the lure of procrastination.

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Procrastination may seem like a comforting companion, But like any toxic friend, it’s only holding me back from greatness. It’s time to cut ties with this harmful habit and embrace discipline and dedication.

So, farewell my procrastination, It’s time to say no to delay, to prioritise my future over momentary comfort, and to embrace a focused preparation for my competitive entrance tests. As I bid farewell to procrastination, I welcome a future filled with achievement, success, and the realisation of my dreams.

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