70 new iims in 2014

Let me just put it in 1 word – Disappointed. Thats what I was when I recently read about the fact that MHRD has decidedly said “No new iims for the next 3 years”. I was not able to sleep. I had to do something. I thought this was the perfect time to recourse our humble MHRD who have left no stones unturned to ensure Indian primary literacy rate has today quadrupled to 169%. With this mean feat, it has now left with no other job but to open more institutes with N’s and I’s in front of them. and they must be reminded of that.

On a more serious note, I think we need 6 nifts, 5 nits, 4 nlss, 3 iits, 2 iims each in every state and not to forget, Union Territories of India. Why, You may ask? Because what’s good for the geese is good for the gander. If 6 of something is good, make 14 out of them and make them better. If 14 are better, make 140 out of them and make them, as Barney would say, “Awesome”. and nothing attracts better qualified full time faculty and recruiters like “Awesome”, not even Barney himself.

For far too long, few Indian states had the luxury to house these kids and it is an insult to other states who didn’t have the opportunity to have these kids at their helm – after all they have helped transform the cities in which they studied by improving the city’s GDP by 366% and HDI by as astounding 420% which remains the principle reason why these institutions must come to exist in the first place.

Although completely unnecessary, I would also like take this opportunity to campaign for the same iims and request them to open many more full-time branches across the globe and in sister cities in India, giving them names like iim-jhumritalaiya-delhi-las vegas, without opening up an actual new iim in Delhi itself or providing for chairs and without caring a hoot about the nomenclature because what makes iims as iims is nonchalance as some of you cat takers must have noticed in the recent years.

I would specifically like to make 2 requests to anyone reading this serious article of utmost seriousness – 1) Its time to fight for such institutions in Andaman and Nicobar islands. They have been denied the right to have these institutes in their vicinity since Alfred Wegener discovered plate tectonics which is plain and simple discriminatory. Beach no 7 fondly known as Radha Nagar Beach on Havelock island would be perfect 2) Nathu-La pass situated between Sikkim and China Controlled Tibet at 14,140 Ft should have at least 3 iims. This will ensure that India’s trade relations with China become better.

I would like Arnob to have this discussion further in one of his shows. I would have also called in Rahul but then we already know all his answers.