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In an exclusive live chat with users of on December 11th, 2017, XAT Officials answered student queries on how to tackle XAT 2018. The event was promoted for 10 days on PaGaLGuY using a banner and listing ad. This resulted in 400 applicants following the event and 80 questions answered by XAT Officials.

Participants of the Live chat event enthusiastically asked their questions to XAT Officials. There were many types of questions that were asked, like ‘Assuming that we will be typing out the essay online, will there be any word/character limit to the essay?’, ‘How to crack xat gk ?’ and even questions on on screen timers and calculators. The most common type of question was based on eligibility criteria for XAT and the cut offs for institutes which accept XAT. Aspirants also asked queries regarding the essay and GK sections, sample mock test, answer key and paper pattern of XAT 2018.

Excerpts from the Live Chat:

Question: For writing essays, we have to use a computer keyboard or online keyboard?

XAT Official: Computer keyboard will be provided.

Question:  Will the essay session be pen paper based or online?

XAT Official: It’s an online exam.

Question: Will there be time breakup for sections like cat does or will it be 170 mins in total and no sectional breakup?

XAT Official: Yes. Please wait till you download your admit card. The instructions will be provided in the admit card itself.

Question: Is GK considered for calculating the percentile?

XAT Official: No

Question: Till when can I change my exam date?

XAT Official: Till December 15

Question: Is there a way to change the center now?

XAT Official: Candidates can login and make the center change by clicking the edit details option.

Question: How do I answer XAT essay topics? Am I supposed to justify the given statement or take a side and express my opinion?

XAT Official: Please get in touch with our Exlink students for guidance. [email protected]

Question: I sent a mail to XAT officials as I can’t edit my date of clearing graduation. because it is affecting my work ex columns which is not editable. Please help

XAT Official: If the mail is sent the change will be done, please remind them again by resending the email.

Question: When will we get an option to edit the work ex section in the form?

XAT Official: We will announce in the website.

Question: What is the individual distribution of marks and questions this year ?

XAT Official: Same as last year

Question: What will be the penalty for unattempted questions beyond the permissible threshold of 8 questions?

XAT Official: Candidates can skip up to 8 questions for which there will be no negative marking. If more questions are skipped ,a negative marking of 0.05 per question will apply.

Question: Will answer key be released this year like last year?

XAT Official: Yes, it will be released

Question: I have already submitted the form. I wish to add one more programme of XLRI. Is it possible now?

XAT Official: Kindly make a demand draft of Rs. 500 made in favor of XLRI Jamshedpur payable at Jamshedpur and send it along with an application by mentioning the XAT ID and the program name.

Question: Will sample mock be released by Xat?

XAT Official: There will be no mock provided.

Question: Will the breakup of sectional Questions be similar to XAT 17?

XAT Official: Yes, the pattern will be the same more or less.

Question: There will be the usual 3 sections (Verbal & Logical Ability, Decision Making, Quantitative Aptitude & Data Interpretation), or any new section is going to be introduced?

XAT Official: There will be no new section.

Question: Will there be an on-screen timer in the test?

XAT Official: Yes, the timer is available on top right-hand corner of the screen.

Question: Is there on-screen calculator for xat?

XAT Official: There will be no online calculator.

Question: Will there be a provision to switch between sections at any time of the exam?

XAT Official: Yes, the questions can be answered in any order within the given time frame.

Question: In the exam, will we have to go through each and every question or will there be a sub-menu where we see the questions and select the way CAT gives a provision?

XAT Official: The provision will be given.

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