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This quiz consists of questions from
various Banking entrance exams held during the last few years. Leave your
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Directions (Q. 1-7) Which of the phrases (1), (2), (3) and
(4) given below each statement should be placed in the blank space provided so
as to make a meaningful and grammatically correct sentence?  If none of the phrases is appropriate, mark
(5) as the answer.

1. When we
reached the crash site, we were delighted __________?

(a) on seeing on survivor

(b) we saw everyone living

(c) to seeing on one breathing

(d) to see everyone alive

(e) None of the above

Eventhough the school premises had a lot of space, ___________

(a) there were plenty of play areas
for the children

(b) there was no playground for the

(c) yet it remained underutilized

(d) there was no shortage of

(e) None of the above

___________ but today, his performance was fairly interesting and riveted
everyone to their seats.

(a) He is a brilliant performer

(b) He tried his best to entertain

(c) His performances are generally

(d) Although he performed after a
very long time

(e) None of the above

4. In order
to help the organization come out of the huge losses, the employees

(a) demanded a compensatory package

(b) started an agitation against the

(c) decided to join the rival

(d) decided to file a case against the

(e) None of the above

__________ before being packaged for distribution in the market.

(a) The milk is Pasteurized

(b) After the milk is Pasteurized

(c) Until the milk is Pasteurized

(d) Firstly the Pasteurization of

(e) None of the above

6. _________
to control industrial pollution, the pollution from small scale industries has
eluded solutions.

(a) Instead of doing good job

(b) While a commendable job has been

(c) Despite being succeeding

(d) Even after failing

(e) None of the above

7. Owing to
the scare of the highly contagious disease widespread in the town ____________.

(a) many people thronged to the
multiplexes and malls during the long weekend

(b) people have been advised to
gather at the town square

(c) government has failed to make any
arrangement for vaccination

(d) most of the people decided to
stay indoors during weekend

(e) None of the above

Directions (Q. 8-10) In each of the following
questions, rearrange the given sentences (A), (B), (C) and (D) and indicate the
correct sequence in which these sentences must appear so as to make a
meaningful paragraph.


(1) By increasing these connections the
intelligence is also increased.

(2) Classical music has been proved to be very
helpful in child development.

(3) Many doctors now-a-days use it for
therapeutic purposes which are based upon the findings of this research.

(4) The
research has demonstrated that listening to classical music increases the rate
of nervous connections in brain.

(a) BDCA

(b) DBAC

(c) ACBD

(d) BDAC

(e) BCAD


(1) This right however comes along with the
responsibility which the press is forced to work with.

(2) It means that the pressmen have every
right to expose matters related to public and national interest.

(3) Such responsibilities include not
broadcasting matters related to national security and other sensitive issues.

(4) Freedom
of press is symbolic of democracy.

(a) DBCA

(b) DBAC

(c) ABCD

(d) BDAC

(e) BCDA


(A) A popular example of this damage is the
Taj Mahal whose marble has been corroded due to acid rain.

(B) It changes the acidic content of water
bodies thus affecting the lives of the living organisms of this habitat.

(C) Acid rain has been a major factor
responsible for the degradation of the environment.

(D) Along with affecting the living beings, it
is also responsible for the corrosion of several heritage buildings thus
causing irreparable damages to them.

 (a) CBAD

(b) CDBA

(c) BADC

(d) BDAC

(e) CBDA

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1(d)    2(b)    3(c)   
4(e)    5(a)      6(b)    
7(d)      8(d)     9(b)     

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