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Directions (Q. 1-10) In the following passage, there are
blanks, each of which has been numbered. 
These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words
are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately.  Find out the appropriate word in each case.

Mankind has seen rapid (1) in the
last 150 years because of the mass manufacturing techniques (2) in western
nations and later taken to new levels of efficiency by Japan.  Mass production and production for the masses
became the bases of new business strategies. 
Large-scale consumption by all with the social benefit of (3) poverty
became the dominant economic strategy. 
The advent of electricity and its large-scale application to lighting,
heating and operating machines added a fresh dimension to manufacturing.  By the 1950s came (4) in electronics and
transistor devices to be followed by innovations in microelectronics, computers
and various forms of sensors all of which (5) altered the manufacturing
scene.  It is now no longer necessary to
make prototypes in a factory or a laboratory to study a new product.  Many new products can be (6) on computers and
their behaviour simulated on them.  By
choosing an optimum design through such simulations, computer programmes can
directly (7) the manufacturing processes. 
These processes are generally called Computer Aided Design (CAD) and
Computer Assisted Manufacturing (CAM). 
These capabilities are leading to newer forms of (8) by customers.  Each customer can be offered several special options.  Customized product design or (9) manufacturing
are other popular techniques currently in (10) in many developed countries.


(a) havoc

(b) transformation

(c) destruction

(d) violence

(e) deforestation


(a) discarded

(b) resorted

(c) indulged

(d) perfected

(e) designated


(a) removing

(b) nurturing

(c) appeasing

(d) cajoling

(e) mastering


(a) additions

(b) gadgets

(c) modifications

(d) variety

(e) inventions


(a) immediately

(b) precisely

(c) irreversibly

(d) indefinitely

(e) measurably


(a) designed

(b) produced 

(c) manufactured

(d) sold

(e) purchased


(a) inspire

(b) cultivate

(c) visualise

(d) drive

(e) curtail


 (a) uses

(b) demands

(c) advertisements

(d) consumption

(e) goods


(a) visible

(b) secure

(c) fundamental

(d) overt

(e) flexible


(a) view

(b) wings

(c) vogue

(d) isolation

(e) order

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1(b)    2(d)    3(a)   
4(e)    5(c)      6(a)    
7(c)      8(b)     9(e)     

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