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Thalia Elena Hernández Durán travelled to London from Mexico for pursuing masters in management. She did not think that an MBA would be needed. As compared to a bachelor’s degree, MBA gets finished faster and cheaper whereas Masters in Management teaches similar technical and leadership skills.

Thalia Elena Hernández Durán took admission in a one year Masters in Management program in 2012  from the London Business School. The course takes half of the time of an MBA at a very cheap cost of £31,400. The amount is almost one-quarter of the tuition fees for a 2 year MBA program at a top B-school of the USA.

She spent approximately 1-year working in the social impact sector upon graduation. Apart from that she also invested 3 years consulting for Bain & Company. Masters in Management provided her to get exposure in a wide range of industries which also helped her at her job at Bain. 

To learn from her peers and uplifting the network, last year, Thalia Elena Hernández Durán quit Bain and pursued a two year MBA program from Stanford Graduate School of Business in California.

Masters in Management is a program for those candidates who have less experience or zero experience. In the MBA, students generally have experience of working for several years.

Hernández Durán said, although there was an academics overlap of the Masters in Management and Masters in Business Administration, they were completely different from one another because of the people you study with.

She said that her focus was moreover on Stanford cohort because it helped her get an internship at an e-commerce company, Amazon, in Seattle where she worked as a senior product manager during the Summers.

There are several graduates from Masters in Management who make the same decision as Thalia Elena Hernández Durán by coming back to B-school in their late 20s and early 30s for an MBA. According to the students, an MBA provides more exposure to them as they get bigger networks and experienced peers which helps them in securing senior leadership positions. Also, they can switch their careers into a new function, geography, and industry.

According to a survey by the Graduate Management Admission Council, which directs and regulates the GMAT business school entrance exam, a quarter of Maters in management alumni take admissions in the MBA program and they tend to select different schools and countries in which to study for MBA.

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Source-The Financial Times