Diversity @ IMDR

Considering the cultural diversity at IMDR, it would not be an overstatement to say that IMDR is a replica of India. This renowned institute has students from many states. IMDR not only teaches things about management, but it also exposes students to a plethora of cultures & traditions. What is laudable & praiseworthy about IMDR is, despite having a relatively small intake of students it manages to have a culturally diverse population.

A significant part of any batch at IMDR consists of those who have left their homes & families. Being overcome with homesickness is natural, but the cultural diversity here helps one combat such overwhelming emotions. No student will never feel that they are lonely. Because of various cultural & ethnic groupings, students will never be solitary.

The most exciting part of the day at IMDR is the rightful respite for having lunch. Thanks to cultural diversity, students get to eat a panoply of delectable & delicious items. The enthusiasm and avidity with which students await lunch break cause them to eat stuff as fast as possible in the 15 minutes break they get after the first 2 lectures.

The cultural diversity at IMDR becomes even more apparent and manifest on the Traditional Day. Students wear beautiful and distinctive ethnic costumes that everyone is the cynosure of each other’s eyes. To conclude, IMDR is a place where continuous learning takes place, and people coming various backgrounds enlighten each other as to many fascinating & intriguing things. Learning takes even during lunch. Gastronomy sessions happen during lunch. Students get to learn the relationship between cuisine and culture.

Author- Siddarth Narayan (First Year Student) at IMDR


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