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    XLRI conducted the computer-based test – XAT 2019 which was the second computer-based test in the history of sixty years of conducting XAT. However, there were some technical glitches and a bit of problem were reported at some of the centres, but they were overcome promptly.

    The Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) got over on the 06h January 2019 with many substantial changes introduced in the exam. The time duration of the exam as the computer-based test was 3 hours instead of 3 and a half hours. It was the first time that the NAT questions were introduced in the Xavier Aptitude Test exam.

    It is expected that the cut off for the XAT 2019 may go down this as the difficulty level of the exam was more than the previous years. It has been reported that XAT 2019 was a bit more difficult exam than earlier years. While other sections of the question paper were moderate, the Decision-Making section gave students a tough time and was much tricky from the previous years.

    XAT 2019 was conducted in 47 cities in India and did not have any centres abroad. But the earlier the exam was performed in 49 test centres including 2 test cities abroad. There have been some changes as compared to last year in the test structure of XAT 2019 exam while there was no surprise element in the test structure of the XAT 2019 Exam.

    Xavier Aptitude Test 2019 was divided into two parts with three sections in part 1 and General Knowledge section in part 2. The part 1 section is counted for percentile calculation to prepare the merit list while the score in the general knowledge is for making the merit list.

    The highlights of the XAT 2019 exam are as follows:

    Section in Exam Pattern 2019 Number of Questions Overall Time Duration
    Part – 1 74 Total MCQs 165 Minutes
    Verbal and Logical Ability 26 No sectional Time limit
    Decision Making 21 No sectional Time Limit
    Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation 27 No Sectional Time Limit
    Part – 2 25 Total MCQs 15 Minutes
    General Knowledge 25
    Total Questions (part 1 + part 2) 99

    Considering the difficulty level of XAT question paper this year, the expected cut off is likely to go down and can be as follows:

    Institute Expected XAT cut off percentiles
    XLRI 94+
    XIMB 90+
    SPJIMR 93+
    Goa Institute of Management 85+
    Institute of Management Technology 90+
    Great Lakes Institute of Management 80+


    Key Highlights

    It has observed that mostly the 2019 question paper was based on the previous year yet there have been some changes.

    The critical differences in Xavier Aptitude Test analysis 2019 are as follows:

    •    Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions were introduced in the XAT exam.
    •    The duration of the exam was 3 hours which was reduced by half an hour.
    •    The extra 25 minutes only were given to the visually impaired candidates with scribe and just for the part 1 of the XAT exam.
    •    The total number of questions were 99 instead of 100.
    •    All the questions were multiple choice questions with five options with one correct option.
    •    XAT 2019 didn’t have the essay writing test like the previous years.
    •    There is no negative marking for the general knowledge section
    •    For each wrong answer, 0.25 marks will be deducted, and the correct answer will be awarded 1 mark.
    •    There is negative marking for the unattempt question and 0.10 marks deducted for every unattempt question beyond eight unattempted questions.
    •    The procedure to enter the NAT question was to enter a numerical answer by making use of virtual numeric keypad that appeared below the questions.


    Sectional Break-up

    The general knowledge questions were on the higher difficulty side and questions were framed on budget sessions, history and merger-acquisition.

    The break-up for the general knowledge section is as follows:

    Topics Number of Questions Difficulty
    History 1 Moderate
    Geography 4 Moderate – Difficult
    Economy & Business 7 Easy – Moderate
    Current Affairs 2 Easy
    Personality & Awards 3 Moderate
    Science & Tech 2 Moderate
    Polity 2 Easy
    Miscellaneous 2 Moderate-Difficult
    Sports 2 Easy-Moderate
    Total 25 Moderate


    The sectional wise break-up of the Xavier Aptitude Test 2019 for part 1 is as follows:

    Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning

    Topic Number of Questions Difficulty
    Reading Comprehension 12 with 4 passages of 3 questions each Moderate – Difficult
    CR 5 Moderate- Difficult
    Poem Comprehension 2 Difficult
    Analogy 1 Difficult
    Antonym 1 Moderate
    Para-Jumble – 5 Sentence 2 Moderate
    FIB-3 blanks 3 Difficult
    Total 26 Difficult


    Decision Making and Analytical Reasoning

    Topic Number of Questions Difficulty
    Situational 21 Moderate


    Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation

    Topic Number of Questions Difficulty
    Arithmetic 4 Easy
    Algebra 7 Easy – Moderate
    Co-Ordinate Geometry + Trigonometry 4 Moderate
    Geometry 4 Moderate-Difficult
    Data Sufficiency 2 Moderate
    DI (Time Zone) 3 Moderate-Difficult
    DI (Mixed Graph) 3 Easy-Moderate
    DI (Mixed Graph) 3 Easy-Moderate

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