This was the final day of Confluence. The day was mostly scheduled to host the finals of various competitions that had taken place over the past two days and prior to that. As such there weren’t too many talks scheduled. The first talk of the day was by Mr.Subir Raha, Chairman & CEO , ONGC Ltd. It was supposed to be on “Petroleum Industry & Trends”. However Mr.Raha gave a presentation on ONGC that was used by them prior to their recently going public. Something that was intended to give prospective investors an idea of the company, if nothing else.In the afternoon, Confluence 2004 saw a keynote address by Prof.T.N.Srinivasan of Yale University, distinguished Professor of Economics. The address was via Video-conference. He spoke on “WTO: Doha and Beyond”. The keynote address was followed by a panel discussion comprising Mr.Srinivasan, Prof. Rupa Chanda, IIM-B, Mr.Ashish Gupta, COO, E-Value Serve.The topic of the discussion was ” Tradability of Services and outsourcing: what does it hold for you?”

The evening saw the grand finale of Confluence 2004 in the form of a business quiz titled BizQuizzitive, sponsored by Sapient. And the quiz-master was none other than Siddhartha Basu. And did he carry the program with elan. He had the audience craving for more and more as he made it a highly interactive event. One thing that has to be mentioned about this program is the location. It was held in the Louis Kahn plaza, inarguably the most beautiful and the grandest part of IIMA. The ambience itself lent a size perspective of gigantic proportions. In a closely fought quiz, the team from JBIMS won after the team from IIMC was caught napping during the final round. All in all, a great ending to a fab event, Confluence 2004.

And even as I key this in at 12:00AM of 25th october, one thing I can notice around me; Almost everyone has gotten back to their books. Seems it would take only another Confluence to get them back onto the stage ?

Signing off from the IIM-A campus……

Dateline:25th October, 2004

Place: IIM-Ahmedabad,TATA Confluence 2004

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