Amidst the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, many research institutes are coming up with exceptional solutions to detect virus-contracted individuals.

CSIR-Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine Jammu has developed an exceptional kit that promises simple and cost-effective diagnosis of the disease. The institute has approached ICMR for the evaluation of the test kit.

Dr. D Srinivasa Reddy, Director-IIIM, described the new kit as a revolutionary way to detect a disease in an inexpensive way. Its mode of detection is based on the Reverse Transcriptase-Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification (RT-LAMP) assay method that will not require expensive setups required by the conventional quantitative PCR following reverse transcription method. 

According to the director, this alternative economic testing method was developed with Reliance Industries Limited. He also added that this test, on approval, will be able to replace sophisticated detection methods and will be able to save a lot of resources in this crisis.

Faster and cheaper diagnosis of disease

Dr. Reddy said that this kit will not require the implementation of costly PCR machines. Its effectiveness will be tested by ICMR and will then given a nod to approach the global market. 

An IIIM executive depicted that large-scale testing will become less challenging due to the effective and faster detection done by this innovative kit.

Quick determination of the virus-infected population will also help the government to stop spreading by offering enough time to isolate the contracted people. 

He also suggested that rapid testing is also repeated in a large group for reassuring the results. Hence, this kit can be highly effective and functional to provide such results in record time.

This kit has the potential to keep societies safer from outbreaks and retain the functionality of economies in the crisis until the vaccines approach the market.

This novel RT-LAMP assay-based testing kit is hoped to be an effective weapon to resist Corona outbreak and survive the dwindling economic condition of the country.

The rapidness, simplicity, and accuracy of this diagnostic kit will also help indigenous medical professionals fighting in the frontline to set up a testing facility with minimum expertise and resources.

The cost of this diagnostic kit has not been discussed yet but it will be cheaper than the prevalent testing methods currently being practiced. 

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