Nowadays, the trend is such that management is a very hot-cake qualification of the profession among all the students who are graduates, or the students who are about to graduate. Irrespective of an individual’s stream in grad-school or in the undergraduate level, most students are inclined heavily towards a management course in their postgraduate level.

Science students, students from the commerce background or even pupils who have studied for a Bachelor’s in Arts degree are going for national examinations like CAT and XAT and have increased the demand for these courses within a decade.

It is nowadays a trend which no one is unaware of that students would initially go for a lowkey course in their undergraduate levels, and then ultimately aim for an MBA or a PGDM course in post graduation.

With a growing demand and inclination toward courses in management which the students of our country has shown, numerous educational institutions which offer courses in management are also increasing at a very large scale and we have innumerable institutions which provide at least for a post graduate diploma course in management.

The premier institutions of management studies have achieved an excellent benchmark by offering their students an education of management in this growing and ever dynamic corporate world.

These institutions have a wide gamut of courses to offer their students, and a few of them are MBA and Diploma degrees in postgraduate level management studies, or PGP and PGDM programmes which are then followed by the doctorate programmes such as a PhD or an FPM.


This is one of the most frequent enquiries faced by the students when they are about to choose a career for themselves and are often extremely confused about the programmes when they look into it. The difference between a PGP and a PGDM course is extremely easy, for instance, a PGDM degree or a Post Graduate Diploma in Management is literally the same as a PGP degree, which stands for Post Graduate Programme.

Both of these programmes are flagship programmes which are provided by the IIMs or the Indian Institutes of Management or other apex institutions of management and studies. Most of the time, the degree is named as a PGP PGDM degree for most educational institutions in the country and hence, there is not much to distinguish and differentiate between the course materials except for their name, as well as the names of the institutions which provide these degrees.

However, it is worth a mention that the PGP degrees are offered only and exclusively in the IIM’s of the country, and hence, these names are distinguishable and are thus prestigious by nature.

We hope this article has been successful in clearing away all the doubts that you had with regards to the PGP programme and a PGDM programme, and has been beneficial to help you arrive at a particular decision regarding your admission procedure and the course you would want to pursue in your post graduate levels.

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