CBSE Inculcate Disciplinary Means to Avoid Discrepancy in CBSE Board 2019 Results Calculation

CBSE 2020 board exam

A line has been put by the Central Board of Secondary Education to inculcate more disciplinary means, CBSE has issued memos to teachers for discrepancy and errors in the checking and calculation of CBSE Board Results from 2019.

According to the updated, they have collected, many teachers right from those who marked the answer sheets to those who were liable for uploading the marks, have been summoned to explain the same.

As per one letter obtained, the board has ordered the schools to ‘suspend’ the teacher under the period of questioning. With very serious concern CBSE would also be assigning out details on how to conduct the inquiry shall be taking place and then will accordingly decide what action shall be taken against the teachers who are found guilty for erroneous marking.

The board has taken all such teachers under one umbrella including the teachers who are responsible for reported errors in totaling as well as uploading the marks.

According to the mail sent out to the schools, the board has extracted that the action will be put forth as “teachers causing grief”. The board has also summoned the school officials to look into the matter as a very serious concern.

The board as long as it can be remembered is under scanner for errors in the marking and results of the students. Progressing of the 2019 board examinations, CBSE had designed numerous workshops wherein the officials have prepared teachers of such action in case discrepancies were found taking in form of a warning. The board also adopted a three-level checking structure to dodge any errors in the computation of the results.

After numerous efforts and actions, the board got a large number of inquiries for revaluation and totaling. The board has taken down the inquires as a part of awareness and is prepared to step up the process of feedback and strict reverberations.

The board has also issued the CBSE Class 10 12 Board Examination 2020 Date Sheet last week. The examinations are commencing from February 15 and would end by March 31.