CBSE 2020 Exam Important Dates
CBSE 2020 Exam Important Dates

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Board exams for the classes 10 and 12 are categorised into two; Practical assessment and Theoretical Examination. Most of the main subjects for both the classes have practical assessments often termed as internals and externals or CBSE Board Practical Exams. Students appearing for Board exams in 2020 should have a look at the CBSE Board Exam 2020 Practical papers’ date sheet, changes made in paper pattern and assessment, and other important changes made by the board.

According to the sources, the Central Board of Secondary Education is planning to schedule the board practical exams from the month of December 2019. However, the dates of the board practical examinations/ internal assessment for class 10 will be decided by the schools, respectively. CBSE only informs the schools of the time frame in which the practical examinations should be conducted.

This means that the schools will decide and provide the date sheets for Board Practical Examinations 2020 respectively. CBSE will allot the institutions for the practical examinations for any private students appearing, once the admit cards are released for the same. The admit cards or roll numbers will be released by the CBSE online through their official website:

CBSE Board Practical Exam 2020: Important things to know

The main subjects for class 10, there will be practical examinations with a breakup of 80+20 marks. The practical examination with 20 marks weightage will be conducted by the respective schools, and CBSE will not allot any external examiner for the same.

However, for class 12, the marks breakup is of two types depending on the subject: 70+30 marks and 80+20 marks. For subjects with 70+30 marks breakup, external examiners will be allocated by the CBSE, and the practical examinations will be held at the respective schools.

CBSE has not taken any decision whether students will be required to appear for the practical examinations at other schools. According to many sources, the Board is planning to conduct the practical examinations at other schools as test centres only in the Delhi state, as of now. However, there is no confirmation about the same from the Central Board of Secondary Education yet.

The circular from CBSE regarding the proposed changes is still awaited by the parents and students. The updates will also be updated on the official website of CBSE, once the information is released officially. The information shared about the proposed changes is solely based on what CBSE officials have confirmed in various conversations with different teachers.

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