It is a well quoted and universally known fact that practice makes an individual perfect. This also stands true when considering one of the toughest aptitude tests in India, that is, CAT. To get the real-time experience of the exam and assess one’s preparation for CAT, attempting mock tests becomes essential. It is through attempting mocks that an individual can genuinely understand and strategize their preparation. It is also important to start one’s mock journey at the right time and understand when to start/ stop taking the mocks for CAT. Considering CAT’s new pattern in 2021, it also becomes essential to look for the best mock test series for CAT.

Many platforms provide free CAT sample exams to help students prepare for CAT 2021. These tests are widely available and can be used to supplement CAT preparation. It is also a typical practice among exam toppers to attempt more and more mocks, evaluate their blunders, and then move their learning forward.

Here are some of the most significant benefits of taking online mock tests:

1. Ease of Access: The most important advantage of taking an online mock is the sheer flexibility and ease of access. One does not need to worry about messing up the OMR sheet or forgetting the pens in the exam. Just a stable internet connection away, these tests can be very conveniently taken from the comforts of home. Attempting a mock test was never easy because all you need is your laptop to assess your CAT preparation conveniently.

2. Efficient Time Management: Keeping track of time and strategizing the exam accordingly is one of the most critical challenges during any exam. The online mock facilitates the students to refer to the time limit of each section on the screen itself. Therefore, online tests eliminate the issue of losing track of time while attempting the test.

3. On-the-spot Feedback: Online tests are essential for getting on-the-spot feedback on the exam, saving the candidate’s precious time. One does not have to wait for a long time to assess their performance in the test. As soon as the candidate finishes the test, the answers and the detailed feedback are presented. Henceforth, this gives the students a chance to learn from their mistakes and further strengthen their preparation.

4. Versatility in Questions: The versatility and variety of questions highlight the security that the online tests entail. There is a different set of questions at other time slots. Additionally, the very fact that there is a vast pool of questions available highlights the amount of practice that students can gain through mocks.

5. Get real-time CAT experience: Through attempting online mocks, one can get a real-time CAT experience. This essentially habituates the students to the pattern and feel of trying CAT. Therefore, the students are not burdened by D-day’s sheer magnanimity and stress; instead, they ace their attempt. This can also help students to strategize their studies in a better and more comprehensive manner.

Oliveboard offers all the advantages of giving online CAT mocks. All the tests are carefully designed by experts and are AI-driven to ensure a smooth flow of things. Aside from this, they also offer interactive live classes with small batch sizes, e-reading materials, and recorded lectures. Oliveboard facilitates the best online mock platform for students preparing for CAT, NMAT, XAT, IIFT, TISS-NET, and other exams. Keeping in mind the new updated CAT syllabus, the mocks are moderated accordingly. After the exam, the platform also offers video analysis and AI-driven performance analysis to help students strengthen their preparation further. By covering newer and traditional questions, the Oliveboard mocks help students further enhance their learning.

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