CAT 2017: No discrepancy in CAT scores, confirms convenor Neeraj Dwivedi

MBA aspirants unhappy with their CAT scores have resorted to Twitter days after the CAT 2017 results were declared on January 8, 2018. Candidates have requested the Union HRD Ministry to intervene as they found a huge discrepancy in their CAT 2017 scaled scores.

However, the CAT 2017 convenor Neeraj Dwivedi has denied any errors in the CAT 2017 results. “A lot of students don’t remember what they have answered in the examination and it becomes purely memory-based when it comes to calculating raw scores based on answer keys. In many cases the assumption is not correct,” said Dwivedi.

“After the answer keys were published on the official website of CAT 2017, I calculated my scores and figured a good raw score. But, I was shattered to see my results on January 8, as it was almost 30 marks lower than what I was expecting,” said a CAT 2017 aspirant on the condition of anonymity.

Speaking to PaGaLGuY a few other aspirants complained about the reckless responses to their queries by the CAT officials. “Although we tried to connect with the official help line of IIM Lucknow multiple times, there were no concrete answers from their end,” said another aspirant. “The difference in both the scores is unacceptable. It is a matter of our career,” said an aspirant from Kolkata.

Some aspirants used PaGaLGuY as a forum to gather information about more such candidates feeling the same. On the thread ‘CAT2017 – COMPLAINT AGAINST UNFAIR SCORES’ on PaGaLGuY, there are currently more than 900 candidates expressing their discontent.

Some of them have even sent emails to IIM Lucknow and filed an RTI (Right to Information), demanding question by question marking done to the students by IIM L. However, it appears to be a shot in the dark as the CAT convenor has ruled out any ‘substance’ to the claims made by the aspirants. “We did have received a few emails from aspirants and we will be taking action as and when needed,” pointed out Dwivedi.

Meanwhile, the GDPI list of IIM Lucknow is already out along with other IIMs. MBA aspirants challenging discrepancy in scores can only wait for further course of action.

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