NEXUS 2018 || An Interactive Session by IMI, New Delhi || 8 Cities

What is NEXUS

NEXUS is an initiative taken up by IMI, New Delhi to tackle the problem of cracking the all-important Group Discussions, Personal Interviews and Written Ability Test which the aspirants face before taking the final plunge. An event which is for the students and by the students. We play hosts to your queries and doubts regarding management studies, so ease your mind of all worries and come and join us give you the inside knowledge of how life really is inside a B-school.

Why Should You Attend

We run through our lives with incomplete information, guessing and at times, second guessing our choices. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to arrive at the fact that no one likes to have regrets. And to make sure regret is but a distant comet you see every 70 odd years, what you need is credible information. Having realized the need for such guidance before we finally took the decision to enrol in IMI, New Delhi, we understand the chaos that the contemporary MBA aspirant carries in his brain (right alongside the verbal meanings and quantitative formulas). The solution is simple, Nexus. Nexus is the connection we offer you, over the course of one session of hearty conversations, to address some of the queries you might have about choosing a career in management.

Key Takeaways

The brief session IMI has planned is an informative guide about

  • Kinds of management programs a student could pursue,
  • Getting acquainted with the admissions procedures,
  • Expectations from the two-year journey,
  • Prospects after a management program,
  • and most importantly, the relevance of a management studies course.

We will endeavour to put to practice, some of the creative pedagogies the institute has acquainted its pupil with. And hence, we will try to draw a picture of how the modern manager is made.

How Will It Proceed

Peer learning is a key ingredient of the overall development at a B-school. Imbibing the same spirit, representatives of our student body will travel across the country, to meet the managers of tomorrow. The sessions will be a mix of activities, open forums of discussion and at times a monologue. For whom is it tailor made

The largest parts of the managers-in-the-making are professionals and corporate individuals and the freshers, aka the undergraduates. Hoping to cater to these audiences, Nexus is tailor made for people of this orientation, who seek to be involved with the management space in some capacity in the near future. Although the event remains to be open for all, and encourages and invites everyone interested. When and where will it happen

Nexus 2018 has been organized to take flight in January ’18. The 8 cities, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Trivandrum, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Bangalore, will witness the event in 2 shifts. On the 13th and the 20th of January, we plan to have this heart-to-heart with you. Details for each city have been provided on our website.

13th January 20th January

Delhi, Chandigarh, Bengaluru Kolkata, Trivandrum, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Mumbai

How Do I Sign Up

The event is non-monetary, and free for all, although priority will be given to all registered attendees. Following is the link that would require you to provide details of where you wish to attend the session, and your participation will be registered. Use the following mail ID to reach out to the team for any clarifications. [email protected]