Court agrees CAT candidates should know raw scores, normalisation but asks complaintants to wait for RTI replies

The Delhi High Court, which heard the petition filed by CAT 2013 candidates has agreed that the exam takers have all the right to know their raw scores and to understand the normalisation process. However, the court has asked the complainants to check for alternate remedies available and exhaust them before asking the court to take it up.

Alternate remedies mainly means RTIs, which the candidates have filed in the weeks following the CAT 2013 results on January 14, 2014. To-date some 500 RTIs have been filed, many of them online.

Complainants in the case, are not entirely disappointed with the court’s assessment of their need. Abhishek Leel, one of the complainants said the fact that the court acknowledged that candidates need to be shown the raw scores and be told how the normalisation process works, is victory of sorts.

Candidates were a little disappointed last week when a similar course of events in the Indore High Court ended with their advocate withdrawing the case. The Delhi High Court, on the other hand, has asked candidates to file the case afresh when the RTI replies come in.

The only worry now is that the RTI replies should not come too late in the day since the GDPI sessions have begun in many b-schools. “We hope that by the time the RTIs come in, the admission process is not anywhere close to completion,” added Abhishek.

However, there is some hope since the first few RTI replies are expected to arrive by next week if CAT authorities follow the due process.