Siva Sivani Institute of Management (SSIM), Hyderabad

Imagine a classroom where complex management theories are brought to life through real-world business scenarios. This isn’t just a dream; it’s the learning experience offered by the exceptional faculty at Siva Sivani Institute of Management (SSIM) Hyderabad.

SSIM has carved a niche for itself in the world of PGDM education. Renowned for its academic excellence, the institute recognises that exceptional faculty are the cornerstone of a thriving learning environment. Here, we delve into what makes the SSIM faculty truly stand out and how their unique blend of expertise bridges the gap between theory and practical application, preparing students for successful careers in the ever-evolving business landscape.

The SSIM Faculty: The Powerhouse of Knowledge and Experience

  • Qualifications and Achievements

SSIM faculty members aren’t just theorists; they’re practitioners who have proven their mettle in the real world. They boast impressive academic backgrounds, with many holding doctorates and master’s degrees from prestigious institutions. These qualifications are further bolstered by professional accreditations, ensuring they stay current with the latest advancements in the field.

But qualifications are just one piece of the puzzle. SSIM PGDM faculty members are regularly recognized for their contributions to the field. Awards, research grants, and publications in top academic journals are testaments to their dedication to pushing the boundaries of business knowledge.

  • Industry Expertise

SSIM faculty members aren’t just academics; they’re seasoned professionals who have honed their skills in the trenches of the corporate world. This rich industry experience brings invaluable insights into the classroom.

Imagine a finance professor discussing investment strategies based on their experience managing multi-million dollar portfolios. Or a marketing guru deconstructing real-life branding campaigns they spearheaded for leading companies. This is the kind of dynamic learning environment SSIM fosters.

Furthermore, professors integrate industry-specific projects and case studies into the curriculum. Students tackle real-world problems faced by businesses, developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are highly sought-after by employers.

Benefits of learning from Industry-Experts

  • Practical Application of Knowledge

Having professors who’ve navigated the complexities of the business world has a profound impact on students’ learning. They don’t just learn management theories; they understand how those theories translate into real-world decision-making.

Imagine a human resources professor discussing effective recruitment strategies based on their experience managing large-scale hiring initiatives. Students gain a deeper comprehension of the concepts and can readily apply them to their future careers.

  • Career Guidance and Networking Opportunities

The SSIM faculty goes beyond just teaching. They act as mentors, offering invaluable career guidance to students. Their vast network of industry contacts opens doors to internship and job opportunities.

Think about it: a marketing professor with connections to leading advertising agencies can be instrumental in helping students secure coveted internships. This kind of personalized support is what truly sets SSIM apart.

Meet some of the Minds Behind SSIM’s Success

Name Qualifications Experience Area Additional Information
Ramana Rao S V Ph.D., MBA 27 Years Finance Director at Siva Sivani Institute of Management, Hyderabad, secured 8th rank in Management post-graduation, M.Phil from Alagappa University, Ph.D. on Financial Derivatives from CESS.
Samparpita Roy MBA, MA in Mass Communication 10 Years Communication & Personality Development MBA & Mass Communication grad with education experience at top Indian institutions. Diverse work background in media, science, government, and freelance content creation (writing, editing).
Harish K S Ph.D., M.Sc. 27 Years Analytics Master’s in Statistics from S. V. University, Ph.D. from Osmania University, recognized for thesis on “Circular, Quotients, and Reminder Distributions”.
Chandra Sekhar S F Ph.D., MBA 32 Years HR & Strategy Extensive experience in corporate and academia, supervised 25 Ph.D. candidates, organized seminars, authored 14 books, 100 technical papers, serves on various academic boards.
Jayalakshmi V Ph.D., M.Com. 24 Years Accounting, Economics and Finance With advanced degrees in Commerce, Law, and Health Insurance, she has over fifteen years of teaching experience and has worked as a Subject Matter Expert and Trainer in Life and Health Insurance for both academic and professional settings
Annapurna V, MBA, Ph.D. 24 Years Finance With Master’s degrees in Commerce and Management (Finance), she has nearly 13 years of teaching experience, including roles as a faculty member, Course Coordinator (MBA).
Subhash Tej MCA, MBA 21 Years Data Science & Information System Brings 20 years of teaching experience and holds an MCA, MBA and certifications in Business Analytics and Data Sciences. His expertise spans IT, MIS, Advanced Excel, Operations Research, and authoring 8 textbook chapters.
Arijit Santikary Ph.D., MBA 18 Years Marketing Associate Professor and Program  Chair for PGDM at ICFAI University, holds a Ph.D. and MBA from WBUT, and has 18 years of combined experience in corporate roles and teaching, previously at Presidency School of Business.
Pavan Patel Ph.D., MBA 28 Years Human Resource Management and Strategic Management He holds a Ph.D. in Strategic HR Management, a master’s in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, an LLB, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Corporate Strategy from IIT-Mumbai, with over 28 years of experience in organizational behavior, HR, and strategic management.


SSIM recognizes that PGDM faculty serve as vital bridges between the theoretical world of academia and the practical realm of business. With their impressive qualifications, industry experience, and commitment to student success, SSIM faculty members empower students to become future leaders.

By choosing SSIM, you’re not just enrolling in a management program; you’re investing in a transformative learning experience that will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and network to thrive in your chosen career path.

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