Booming scope of Healthcare Management in India [SIMSR]

Nowadays, the term “Healthcare industry” is not limited to merely the medical staff but has rather extended far beyond the realm of hospitals with the integration of other sectors which provide goods and services relevant to curative, preventive, palliative, and rehabilitative care.

Further, the aggregation has encompassed not only the hospitals, clinical trials, medical devices and equipments but also tele-medicine, health insurance, and medical tourism as a part of the healthcare industry.

With such a broad field and scope, the Indian healthcare industry today is emerging as a top-performer in the global platform for its facilities and services offered. This continual growth within the industry paves way for ample employment opportunities, both in medical as well as the non-medical field of education.

Besides the medical staff, the growing healthcare industry today is in dire need of efficient non-medical staff, particularly to cater to the hospital administration and management related responsibilities. This is where the courses like an MBA program or a Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Administration and Healthcare Management are gaining significant importance.

In the coming years, a post graduate degree in healthcare management will be highly recognized for their part in improvising the healthcare industry and its Administrator.

KJ SIMSR introduced a new course- PGDM full time 2 years Management course in Healthcare, 2018-20 which aims to provide management knowledge in the healthcare sector. These professionals will contribute to the growing healthcare industry in India.

KJ SIMSR has also signed an MOU with Imperial college, London and tied up with the K.J.Somaiya hospital and research centre to provide better growth opportunities and advanced insights to students.