Application Requirements

EducationUSA has put down the following general requirements for pursuing higher education in USA:

 Educational credentials: In the case of undergraduate students, secondary/high school diploma and transcripts as well as any required final national exams must be submitted. For graduate applicants, the undergraduate education credentials and any other course which may have been pursued shall be submitted to the university. Transcripts are certified copies of your educational record, courses, and grades. An original transcript or certified copy sent by the student’s secondary/high school/college is generally required for each institution that the student wishes to apply to for admission, 

along with translations into English.

 Standardized test scores: Scores may be required to assess the academic ability and English proficiency level of the applicants. For engineering courses undergraduate applicants may be required to take the SAT or ACT along with English proficiency exams such as the TOEFL. For graduate programs such as MS, applicants must take the GRE along with English proficiency exams.

 Recommendation letters: The head or principal of the school, teachers, or supervisors from professional experiences may write recommendation letters. Students who wish to pursue MS may choose college professors or professional supervisors as recommenders for their application. The recommenders must be able to write about the work performed by the applicant and be able to assess your potential of the  applicant to do well pursuing a higher education degree.

 Essay/personal statement: Statement of purpose must chalk out clearly the interests, long-term goals, and strengths of the candidate – one of the most important aspects of the application. Depending on the course the applicant is interested in, the applicant will have to appear for one or more of the applicable standardized tests to secure admission in universities in USA. It is advisable to check the websites of individual universities to check the admission requirements for each course. Some universities do not accept 15 years of education that we have in India. Therefore, an additional year of education may have to be completed after the under-graduation to be eligible to apply to USA. Typically U.S. applications are due between November and January for students who wish to begin courses the following September. Start early, train well and prepare for departure!