Asia: The MBA Destination

It is beyond doubt that the 21st Century belongs to the Asia. The spurt of economic growth and transfer of business from the West to Asia has metamorphosed the economy and its requirement considerably. This has led to a need for highly talented and dynamic professionals who can lead the business.

China Europe International Business School, Nanyang Business School, the Indian School of Business and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology have captured the imagination of professionals all the across the world. You can find students from the first, the second and the third world converging to these business schools for sharpening their skills. Many top B-schools are opening up their centers in Asia and international students are competing for enrolling for MBA program in higher numbers than ever before.

Few benefits that can be enlisted for the popularity of Business Schools of Asia are:

  • Asia is the hub of all major business and commercial activities and it requires well-trained professionals to scale up the business.
  • Asia has a population of around 4 billion and this population needs lots of goods and services and that too efficiently. Businesses in Asia are in the process of consolidation and require people who have an understanding of business environment and culture.
  • In the last few decades, the focus has shifted from production to research and knowledge. This gives a great boost to centers of higher learning to offer great courses.
  • Since Asia has emerged as the production house of the world, businesses must have people who have a thorough understanding business environment, government policies and understanding people’s behavior (Customers and Workers).
  • Many B-Schools of Asia have collaboration with the top B-Schools of Europe and America. This gives great credibility to the degree earned through Asian B-Schools.
  • High quality of teaching and low cost of education is another incentive for many people looking for an MBA degree. Coupled with this a lower cost of living in Asian cities has simplified the learning journey of the students.
  • Easy availability of the work permit is another boon in an Asian country. It has been observed that getting a work visa is difficult in Europe and America. However, the work visa is not difficult to secure.
  • Excellent job opportunities are available in Asia. China (including Hong Kong), Singapore, India, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, Saudi Arab have offices of all the leading companies in the world. They require people who have management skills and understand the sentiments of the people in the area.
  • Most of the courses at good B-schools are available in English language and hence, language is not a barrier for the international students.
  • Asia has emerged the breeding ground for start-ups and unicorns. Anyone who wants to do something of his own should also head towards Asia. Here companies like Alibaba, Flipkart, Oyo, Ola etc are competing against the best in the world. Just to substantiate this fact, China has more than 100 companies , which are the unicorns (with a value of over $1 Billion).

So, in a nutshell, Asia offers one of the best infrastructure, great pedagogy, right environment for business, fast growth and, above all, great talent pool. Traveling to these countries for education is easy and institutes of Asia are among the best-rated institutes of the world. Investing in education and that too in Asia is a decision which has great merit.

All the best!!